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Are Dr. Fauci & Gov. Whitmer Indoctrinating Your Children?

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Because of the way we were raised, we have become critically-thinking, independent and self-sufficient people, and that scares the progressives looking for communism in America.

The only choice the radicals have is to indoctrinate our children, and they’re becoming successful.

Fauci is Leading America to CCP Watering Hole!

Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, actually held a virtual meeting with children telling them that they should ‘snitch’ on their parents if there is a ‘larger than acceptable’ gathering at their home over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Dr. Anthony Fauci told kids that Santa got the COVID vaccine. What is the likelihood that Santa will bring you presents if your parents aren’t wearing masks, gathering with family and refusing to get vaccinated? None.

The PsyOp goal is to choke out every last free thinker, which will make it much easier for the communist conversion to take place rapidly in America.

Save your kids.


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Stew Peters hosts the PC Radio show, and spends each day relentlessly truth telling, no matter where it leads.

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