Number Ten: A Candace Owens interview with Larry Elder. Larry has a tremendous grasp of history, which makes listening to him incredibly fascinating. This is a one hour video condensed down to 12 minutes.

Candace Owens v Larry Elder

Number Nine: Candace Owens and Jocko Willink discuss what being a father and man has been to Jocko Willink. John Gretton “Jocko” Willink is an American retired naval officer who served in the Navy SEALs. He is also a podcaster and author. This is a 11 minute condensed version of the a hour long interview.

CANDACE OWENS and Jocko Willink – Toxic Masculinity

Number Eight: Candace Owens discusses Kamala Harris’ poor debate performance with Laura Ingraham.


Number Seven: A series of clips about Beverly Beatty a common everyday hero fighting for desperately needed Police Protection in her neighborhood. Her bravery in defacing the yellow Trump Tower Black Lives Matter street mural is reminiscent of the most well known and brave Black Civil Rights people of our time. This woman is a Rosa Parks!

CANDACE OWENS = Bevelyn Beatty = Rosa Parks – Story of a Modern Day Hero

Number Six: Dave Chappelle unknowingly falls right into Candace Owens message: that Blacks too often descend to or lift up things that are at the lowest common denominator. Chappelle goes on and on about injustice………not George Floyd, but rather the injustice of others criticizing him for not speaking out earlier. In doing so he eviscerates those that criticized him in a way that makes Trump look mild. At the end of his 846 video, he declares himself the purveyor of “civil discourse”, in stark contract to the civil discourse and maturity shown by Candace Owens. It is no wonder why Dave has fallen not only to new lows via his discourse, but also in terms of his career.

CANDACE OWENS V DAVE CHAPPELLE !! Dave is really nasty….

Number Five: Oprah has changed how she is going to target and sell to her audience. Oprah goes woke! Candace is here to clean up the mess!

CANDACE OWENS v Oprah Winfrey – Queen’s of Politics

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Number Four: A condensed version of the Candace Owens interview with Hawk Newsome – leader of the Black Lives Matter NYC chapter. Hawk is to be congratulated for his willingness to debate Candace Owens. Both made powerful points. Black Lives Matter demands are posted in between the debate segments. This kind of dialogue is desperately needed.

Candace Owens v Hawk Newsome – Black Lives Matter NYC

Number Three: A Candace Owens interview with Roseanne Barr. This interview Covers the fall of Roseanne and her hit TV show that was loved across the political spectrum. Roseanne discusses her time in Hollywood and how she feels about it looking back. Roseanne talks about her journey from a socialist, to a Trump loving America First patriot!

CANDACE OWENS & Roseanne Barr – The Truth About Hollyweird

Number Two: Candace Owens, a conservative commentator and political activists share facts on George Floyd criminal record and police killing statistics. I have personally verified the authenticity of her data, and have found that it came from the Washington Post data archives on police killings that they maintain. She has not doctored or used only a portion of this data. This data tracks how many police shootings involve both White, Black and Hispanics, and then breaks them down on whether or not the person killed was armed at the time of the shooting. Lastly, Sorry about misspelling your name Candace in this video.

Candace Owens gives George Floyd Facts

NUMBER ONE: Chelsea Handler, comedian and ex-girlfriend to 50 cent rapper who endorses Trump, tells him he can’t vote for Trump because he’s black. Candace Owens, RIPS HER A NEW ONE !!

CANDACE OWENS vs CHELSEA HANDLER : don’t tell us what to do !!