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COVID Vaccine: Lions Don’t Understand Sheep

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CANDACE OWENS : We are rarely critical of Candace.

However, in this case Candace distorts the facts by comparing the 94% efficacy rate with the 1% fatality rates.

Those two are not connected via the method she infers. The facts are that about 1% of those infected with COVID die (actually even less than this, due to co-morbitities being responsible for 92% of those deaths).

By getting the vaccine, those that take it would theoretically be about 9 times less likely to die than those that did not.

By not saying this, she distorts the facts.

Right now, more than ever, we need those that speak THE TRUTH….the whole truth….not just snippets.

She also infers that those that take the vaccine are sheep. While this may be the case, many of us getting the vaccine are extremely well informed.

If the point of her comments are to suggest those of us that intend to take the vaccine need to do our own research, then likely few would say differently.



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