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Thin Blue Line TV Joins Forces With Red Voice Media

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Big announcement! Thin Blue Line TV is merging with Red Voice Media. We are combining all of our law enforcement and political assets to grow stronger, and fight back against BIG TECH CENSORSHIP.

Our social media accounts have been constantly attacked for over a year, including: being shadow banned (artificially lowering our reach), demonitized (we lost income taken from us without any violations covering several of us and our families), loss of followers, deleted pages and accounts, and more. We have been locked out of pages of over 2,000,000 combined followers just in the last few months.

Red Voice Media shares the same vision and struggle as us on social media. Their only mission is to tell THE TRUTH the media won’t tell you, sound familiar?

Thanks for sticking with us. Stay safe out there.

Ray Dietrich is a proud patriot who spent twenty years in law enforcement in the Southern California area, working as a CSO, Deputy, Detective, and Sergeant

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