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(Watch) Bill Belichick Declines Medal Of Freedom

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Bill Belichick is a COWARD, plain and simple. He has caved to the SJWs, the leftist media, and his peers and has declined the Medal of Freedom that Trump was going to award him on his way out of office.

With the tech censorship, the conservative blacklist, and the second impeachment you would think nothing could be surprising. BUT FOOTBALL… now we have to push for freedom in FOOTBALL???

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1 thought on “(Watch) Bill Belichick Declines Medal Of Freedom

  1. Turning your back on someone when you see others doing the same is about as cowardly as it gets….especially for a man in Belichick’s position, who has nothing to lose. I cannot believe all the liberals who seem to see this as heroic. Like Trump or not, this is about as nonheroic as you can get. Cowards absolutely ABOUND these days…and even more frightening, people who don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between cowardice and heroism.

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