The Illinois legislature passed a police “reform” bill on the last day of their session Wednesday, just before 5AM.

The 746-page anti-police bill outraged GOP lawmakers and the police community, who all say this will make the state less safe.

In a press release, the Illinois State Fraternal Order Of Police (FOP) said the bill is a threat to law enforcement in Illinois.

The FOP stated the anti-police bill does the following:

  • Eliminates Qualified Immunity for police officers, making them civilly liable to siren chasing trial lawyers
  • Eliminates Officer’s rights to Collectively Bargain, creating a “special class” of public employee who does not have these rights in Illinois
  • It Eliminates impartial arbitration over burdensome residency requirements
  • Allows for unrestricted and ungoverned disciplinary policies of law enforcement officers
  • Prohibits departments from taking advantage of cost-saving federal surplus programs
  • Allows officers to be punished or fired based on anonymous and unsubstantiated or unverifiable complaints
  • Mandates that those unsubstantiated and unverified complaints be kept to be used against officers forever, with no destruction and no limits on how they can be utilized to inflict harm on officers
  • Substantially increases both initial and ongoing education requirements with no money to pay for the increased costs and no assurances that the courses will even be offered
  • Mandates the use of body cameras by all departments for every officer with no money to pay for the cost of those cameras
  • Defunds any department that does not comply 100% with the draconian requirements of the legislation
  • Eliminates funding for law enforcement agencies
  • Eliminates Cash Bail
  • Enacts multiple benefits for felons
  • Prohibits use of force in almost all situations, and makes officers criminally liable for virtually any use of force
  • Removes prohibitions against obstructing police officers
  • Charges officers with Official Misconduct, a class 3 felony, for banal and incidental issues

Looking at the list of “woke” reform, just the elimination of cash bail alone will be a disaster for the state. Standby for an exodus of officers from departments in Illinois, because many feel the job is no longer worth doing under these conditions.

Illinois State Senator Jason Plummer had this to say:

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Great job Illinois, you just made your citizens less safe.