In 2016, the helplessly ignorant and hopelessly empty soul of Michael Moore gave a speech in front of a flock of easily influenced Hollywood sheep at which point he sarcastically predicted the election victory of Donald J. Trump, saying that his election would be “the biggest f**k you ever recorded in American history”.

What Moore didn’t know was that his prediction would prove to be prophetic. Moore said the middle class Americans, who he referred to as the “Blows”, (John Blow, Jane Blow and all the other Blows) had been forgotten about. He made reference to the shitty Obamacare “bronze plan”, and referenced a speech that Donald Trump gave in front of motor company executives promising to tariff any vehicles sold in this country that were manufactured elsewhere. Moore called it “music to the ears” of Americans who had never heard anyone talk like that before. Nobody had dared look big corporate enterprise in the face and say such things before Trump.

Trump was elected by an overwhelming landslide, almost embarrassing to Hillary Clinton, after he made the promise to expose corruption, secure our borders and never waiver in the face of political correctness for the sake of backroom deals in DC. Trump couldn’t be bought then, and nothing has changed since. 

As a result of making good on the promise to drain the swamp, Trump became targeted by a global cabal with unharnessed power, billion-dollar financiers, and a propaganda-spreading media unashamed by their total fabrication of stories, lies and deceit, false narratives and indoctrination driven by the same corporations and big box investors that perpetuate the agenda to end Trump’s reign, out of fear that the whole damn thing would blow up.

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It would end careers, expose the real criminals, send many to jail and even to the gallows for committing the highest crimes you could ever imagine, not limited to racketeering, embezzlement and organized syndicate crime; these animals would become known for their evil and predatory acts against children, including sex trafficking and murder.

Hollywood, DC, Corporate executives and elected representatives were the key participants, and high tech ran cover for all of them, censoring and deleting anyone that tried to expose the deepest corruption you could ever imagine.

The full assault on free speech had to happen to silence any influencer or person of integrity with a platform that was unafraid to shine the light on the cockroaches as they scattered to hide under whatever lies their counterparts could manufacture, shielding the satanic evil-doers from justice while deleting and banning those platforms.

The media knew about Jeffrey Epstein years ago, and they suppressed the story. Covered it up. Completely ignored it. Why? Why did they run cover for Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and now Joe Biden? Why hasn’t Biden been asked a single question about policy, the plethora of documented previous and continued lies, plagiarism, hypocrisy or the radical cabinet he promises to bring to Washington as the days of darkness approach?

To answer that question, we must first acknowledge how simple the answer really is. When crimes are committed, the criminals will always try to cover their tracks. They’ll delete digital or electronic evidence, hide weapons, wear masks, disable security systems, have an alibi, try to get their stories straight and lie to any investigator or anyone that asks them about the crime. That’s just the way it is, the way it has always been, and the way it will always be.

Criminals are typically narcissistic liars, and a lot of them have addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex and porn. They’re the disgusting filth that stains our existence as Americans, and that’s the reason we embrace law enforcement and support the actions of cops so fervently on this program. We want a good community to live in, safe neighborhoods for our kids and the protection provided by police that makes these things possible. I mean, have I been drugged? Am I saying things that seem fringe? Am I way off my rocker here, or am I making sense to you? 

For the most part, speaking for myself, I have grown up trusting law enforcement. I trusted that the FBI, the CIA and other local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies were the foundation of honesty and justice. I could never imagine that the biggest criminals of them all would have infiltrated these agencies and corrupted the criminal justice system like they have, and we would have never known it, at least not at the expedited pace that we have now learned about these bad actors, if not for the presidency of Donald Trump. 

So now where do they go? Where do they hide? What actions can they take knowing that their game is up and that their high crimes have been exposed? They lie. They just lie right in your face. They say it didn’t happen, and if you should so dare as to argue with them, they’ll cancel you. This is extremely dangerous. The cancel culture is a cancer that’s rapidly spreading throughout the United States. The cancel culture is the REAL pandemic, and there are literally tens of millions of Americans that have no idea what’s really going on. They’ve been force-fed these lies ad nauseam by the lying media outlets labeled very early on in Donald Trump’s campaign as the “Fake News”. He was right, and although we were able to chuckle at Trump’s blunt rhetoric and comical honesty, we have to now look at this as a very serious issue. 

This is what I have been saying about Trump, and the thing that everyone needs to understand. Donald J. Trump is not a politician. He’s never been a politician, and he’s been targeted by this deep state worldwide cabal since he came down that escalator, because they knew he would expose as many of them as he could get his hands on while he had the power to do so.

Trump is a mastermind. He’s been 5 steps ahead of these evil radicals for many years, and he’s still out in front. The big news everyone is waiting for isn’t going to happen on the 20th, or before. I just want you to understand, that’s not what I’m saying here. Trump’s presidency has been the biggest “f**k you” ever recorded in American history, and although we can agree Michael Moore is a sadistic pig, we can also agree that he was right. 

Trump has made good on every campaign promise he made, despite being mostly alone throughout his entire presidency, and even more impressive, he’s done it while being stabbed in the back by everyone around him, with just a handful of notable exceptions.

We have heard Trump repeatedly say he would never give up. He would never surrender, and he won’t! Donald Trump is one man, but Donald Trump has been the lighter to the flame of the great awakening of American Patriots that now know exactly what’s on the line, who’s responsible for the assault on our republic and how to defeat them. The best is yet to come.

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