The charade in Congress today, the second impeachment of the president, the pony facade and Emmy award seeking performances by House Democrats and weak sell-out Republicans was the most hypocritical display of lies I’ve ever witnessed in my adult life.

Polished politicians and pseudo aristocrats acting like the 4th reich dukes representing the global cabal didn’t assure constituents that they’re here for America, but rather made it very obvious that they were gaslighting for those that they owe from the secret handshakes and backroom deals that have been brokered for years keeping them in office and funded through sexual intercourse with Chinese spies, fake jobs in adversarial countries known for their hostility toward the United States that compromised the national security of America and double agent style legislation proposals that have forced Americans to their knees, particularly the middle class hard working citizens and small business owners that have had to sit home and watch as everything around them crumbles to the ground and burns.

The fact is, this isn’t good for the country, and they all know it. They know it just as they know that they’ve lied to Americans about a virus, broken the back of the American small business, forced middle class citizens to their knees and ripped their kids from school, despite the scientific data that proves all of it, along with masking, to be ineffective and damaging to the health of those they claim they’re protecting.

Millions of taxpayer dollars were spent during the previous impeachment scandal that was based on what was proven to be lies, the Russian collusion hoax that was nothing more than a slanderous attack on the president, paid for by a political adversary, and the illegal spying operation carried out against a US Citizen and presidential campaign, and all done simply as revenge for Donald Trump’s disruption of their plans for the radicalization of our government.

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Aside from the money, all of it was extremely detrimental to the stability of our country, and led to the destruction of entire cities, the politicizing of police-involved shootings, and the extremely polarized climate that only created division between Americans that previously engaged in constructive debate, and now have been left with nothing but hate. 

The representatives of the American people that swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, who were sent to Washington DC on the merits of their promises to those residing in their states have betrayed any confidence those voters previously had in them because not only have they acted outside of accordance with that oath, but they’ve actually gone out of their way to tear the document to shreds.

The elitist stance and untouchable arrogance is behavior paralleled with dictatorships we read about in our school studies. It mirrors third world regime-type authoritarianism, and it disgusts the everyday hard-working blue collar red white and blue blood pumping heart and soul of this country. 

These feckless leaders are grandstanding in front of America as they use words like “fear” to describe how they felt when the Capitol building was under so-called “siege”, and Trump supporters were blamed with extreme prejudice without any public investigation to substantiate the claim that patriots were solely responsible for the horrific loss of life and destruction of property in DC.

Fear is a funny word. It’s the only emotion that can be effectively used to move masses of people, and even force typically brave and heroic individuals to do things they would never normally do, specifically flee to protect themselves or their families. Flee from a so-called pandemic, flee from their beliefs, flee from their religion, flee from their support of our president.

But where were these people when American cities were under siege? Where was their response to the fear of the citizens of cities like Portland and Seattle, Minneapolis and Chicago, Austin and Los Angeles, Houston or Saint Petersburg? Where were these leaders when helpless people couldn’t leave their home because they were trapped in autonomous zones just blocks away from a burning police precinct as they watched their grocery store, their corner market, their neighborhood deli and drug store get looted and destroyed? They were absent. Silent. Gone. 

In some cases, it was worse. Kamala Harris actually praised the violent insurrection of American cities encouraging criminal rioters to continue their assault on freedom in our country as she promised it wasn’t going to stop. Her own words. It’s not going to stop. 

Speculation is an interesting phenomenon. Guessing what the president is going to do in his final days is almost impossible to do, and there are tens of millions of freedom and liberty-loving Americans holding out hope that by some miraculous intervention the radical onslaught and all-out war on our right to speak freely, to keep and bear arms and stand up against a tyrannical and overreaching government could potentially be slowed, interrupted or stopped. 

The fact is, we can speculate. We can hope. We can wish, and we can dream; but at the end of the day, the only thing that can make a difference is your commitment to your kids. Make a commitment to yourself. Make a commitment to your country and to our God that you will fervently stand with your morals, that you will stand for what’s right and that you will fight for this Republic until our freedom is re-gained, our businesses are open, our kids are learning in safe and objective environments and the sanctity of the greatest nation on the face of the planet is completely restored.

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