Words are thrown around all over social media, mainstream media and in daily conversation in a virtually constant manner. Communism, Socialism, Naziism, Democrat, Republican, Liberalism, Conservatism, etc. These are all just words. 

The interesting fact about these words is that they’re made up. They really don’t identify anything, and most importantly, they don’t differentiate anything. As a matter of fact, they’re really talking about the same basic principle. The foundation of freedom has been an illusion to global citizens of every country for centuries. Freedom is another word that really doesn’t mean anything, because it means something different to every country, every state, every county, every city, every individual. What does freedom look like to you? Can you put your finger on it?

The Barack Obama presidency was set up by a global cabal. A political faction. A secret political clique. This we know. But, really, this has been going on since before JFK, when the government, military and the same round table of global elitists hated him. The cost of freedom is death, and JFK could be an example of this, but we may never know what really happened.

Now, I’m not saying there is no such thing as a good man or woman. I’m not suggesting that there is a void where freedom-loving American Patriots used to roam. The spirit of America is high, amongst Americans, but in order for a total grab at power and control, we cannot be united. We must be divided, and that plan has been intact for many years. 

The introduction of social media was not meant for you and I to exchange recipes, post pictures of our kids, stay in touch with relatives, show off the new truck, upload our podcasts, dabble in arts and crafts, or post pictures of the kids for friends and family to see. That was the illusion we were given, but the objective was much darker. The objective was obvious, now, as we look back and continue to have access to more and more information as the Julian Assange era of regular classified information leaks came about and continues at an exponentially rapid pace, today.

The mainstream media is a leg of social media, and is controlled by the cabal. They’re no exception to the looming threat of dissolution, censorship and funding that social media providers like Facebook, Twitter and now Parler and the rest are facing. They all must meet the criteria of the round table globalists, or they’ll be cancelled. Deleted. Gone, forever.

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The plan could be the depopulation and the systematic thinning of the herd, and they’re using the same tactics that have proven to work since the beginning of corruption inside of ‘governments’. 

This is the reason we see police command staffs, elected sheriffs, police chiefs, prosecutors and top-level federal law enforcement and intelligence agency officials using the threat of fines and the loss of your civil liberties to enforce social distancing, lockdowns, the surrender of your small business, the restriction of your travel, the disassociation with your family and friends, the removal of your children from school and the threat of arrest, jail time and criminal prosecution if you don’t comply with the demands. Has this ever been about safety and health, or is this about control and compliance? 

Now that you’ve answered that question for yourself, you need to ask a series of additional follow-up questions, with the first one being, “why?”.

Let’s go back to the recent times, where the cabal had the perfect 16 year plan to extinguish every last remaining ounce of individual choice, liberty and self-achievable wealth Americans had left. The plan involved the Barack Obama administration, and what they had hoped would be the Hillary Clinton Administration. 16 years of expedited censoring, blackouts, lockdowns, and mandates driven by fear and violence domestically and abroad. 

The plan could have been to make Vladmir Putin look like the enemy of the United States by launching nuclear missiles in his direction as a retaliation to what they would have staged as Russian aggression toward America. The whole thing was a set up. It was all a lie. I don’t have time to get into JFK and the September 11 attacks. I don’t have time to talk about the lies surrounding Benghazi, possible Usama Bin Laden’s payment from the Clintons, the open borders to the south, the war on drugs, the patriot act, no child left behind, Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, the Vatican, Chief Justice Roberts and Mitch McConnell. I don’t have time to hash through the ‘Uranium One’ deal, fast and furious, pallets of cash to Iran or the silence in the media relating to all of it. I can’t do that in one show, but we’ll get to it. Just stick with me.

What needs to be understood is that there’s really only one thing left, and that’s your resistance. My resistance. Our resistance. This must start with the realization that we’ve all been lied to. You have to open your mind. You have to be willing to objectively look at this in ways that you’ve never thought about before. You don’t have to understand all of it. None of us can do that overnight. You don’t have to accept all of it, and you don’t have to believe me. I’m not here to sell you anything. 

The narrative behind George Floyd, the coronavirus, systemic police racism and how many murders took place in Chicago over the last weekend are all distractions and aren’t meant for anything more than a ‘look this way’ gimmick while the bastards who’ve stolen everything from all of us look for ways to cover their tracks. 

The fact that the media is silent on the shooting and killing of an unarmed white female distinguished veteran inside of the Capitol building is absolutely astounding, and it should make you think. You should really take a look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re not crazy for admitting that it doesn’t make any sense. 

Jeffrey Epstein probably didn’t kill himself, the military is being controlled by corrupted deep state politicians, the radical faction leaders are going to impeach the president for a second time, and the coup d’etat is in full swing. Why? They’re desperate. They have to cover up their crimes. We aren’t talking about jail time for these people. Folks, we’re talking about high treason. This is no longer a political game for them, and Nancy Pelosi doesn’t really care about the closure of hair salons or what ice cream she has in her freezer. Michelle Obama, doesn’t care about racism and obesity, and her latest magazine cover is just that…it’s cover. It’s all meant to pacify you and me. Look over here at the Kardashian/Kanye split and the drive thru state fair to keep yourselves busy while they run for their lives. Literally. This is a matter of life and death for these people, and I have sources inside of some of the highest levels of government who are telling me that there are nearly 190,000 sealed indictments waiting to come down. 

The 25th Amendment is not in play, and don’t let them distract you with that. They would have to prove that Donald J. Trump is mentally unstable, and they can’t do that. It’s a lie. Insurrection is not off the table, and the reason for impeachment is to strip the president of his Commander in Chief authority over the direction of the military. 

General Michael Flynn knows all of this, the president has all of the information, and we aren’t waiting for more evidence of a stolen election. It’s all there. Did Italy do it?  There are new tapes coming out of Serbia that sources say prove it, and I’ve been in contact, directly, with Sidney Powell’s team in an effort to bring it to you. I won’t waiver. I will always remain unafraid, and I will talk to any whistleblower, anywhere to bring it all to you on whatever platform I can find before the cabal gets their hands on it. 

Folks, the celebration of the issues with Parler by Jack Dorsey is not an accident. The fact that I’ve lost nearly 30,000 followers on his platform in the last week is not ‘by mistake’. If you’re still in front of that mirror you have to look at yourself and really know that you’re not a looney toon for admitting that none of this lines up, and this is so much deeper than Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, Proud Boys and Patriots. 

The Donald J. Trump presidency was an intentional act by an America-loving man with the funding, relationships and resources to intervene in the inevitable plan and it worked. We have to celebrate that, and we have to start with the information we have.

We know, right now, that at least one, but I’m hearing multiple laptops were taken from the Capitol building and those laptops, one of which reportedly belonged to Nancy Pelosi are undoubtedly filled with incriminating information. We have to take Lin Wood seriously when he drops emails between Vice President Mike Pence and Paul Ryan scheming and conspiring against the president. We have to objectively look at what happened with Jeff Sessions, and ask yourself why the left huddled around him, and we have to ask ourselves why there is a desperate attempt by these gloablists to silence our communication. Twitter, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and the mainstream media are all funded by the same corporations, and all of them are tied to Soros and the rest of these elitists that sit at the golden global roundtable. 

We must not think of our enemies in a historical sense, any longer. We must look to identify the real enemy that wishes to destroy America and burn down the Republic as we enter into a one-world order and extinguish every last remaining liberty that you and I enjoy, and we must meet the enemy as one. We are not black and white. We are not ANTIFA and Proud Boys. We are not Christian or Jew. We are Americans.

I thought about my school days and remembered wondering how Hitler led 6,000,000 people to their death without any fight or resistance, at all. Then I realized, I’m watching my fellow Americans do the same thing.

The REAL Darkness | The Global Cabal is Running SCARED!