As an illegitimate confirmed liar and criminal occupies the Oval Office killing thousands of jobs on his first day as America’s new statist dictatorial leader, the cabal continues to use the media and high tech platforms to censor, delete, ban and cancel anyone who dares to raise question or oppose directives that divide Americans, use the fear emotion as a tool for compliance and control through the smoke screens of safety and health, open the borders of our country to religious anti-American Islamic extremists, allow illegal entry across our southern border welcoming violent criminals and gang members into our neighborhoods, and unleashing a full assault on the energy independence of our great country risking national security and securing trillions of dollars for our enemies that wish to bring the United States to its knees.

The Assault on Our Military, Thousands of Jobs Killed, Freedom Crushing Mandates | Day 3

The whole thing just feels and looks really weird. The strange feeling I get when I watch the mask-less Joe Biden stand at the Lincoln Memorial as if he’s never seen it before. Signaling for the deep state media to push the propaganda-like video to the masses while he gazes up at the monumental portrait as if to show his appreciation for it’s awesome beauty, but forgetting that we know he’s been in Washington for 47 years, and has more-than-likely been in that very building thousands of times. 

The faux inauguration was equally bizarre. Did the faces of Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush, the Obamas and Bernie Sanders look like victory or defeat? The atmosphere appeared to be more similar to a funeral than a celebration, and the 83 people in attendance didn’t appear to be overflowing with joy, but more like zombies and empty souls just occupying space. It was incredibly peculiar.

Joe hasn’t answered any questions, really, he snapped at a White House reporter once as if to show us all who the boss is and remind everyone that daring to ask a real question of the king will not be tolerated and may put you on the fast track for deprograming and reeducation, and oh by the way, the official White House YouTube channel has disabled comments from being posted. It’s really all so strange, I mean it’s just eerie feeling.

I’m looking around today and see no headlines in the failing New York Times or Washington Post about the US Army National Guard soldiers that were treated like dogs as they were forced to sleep on the cold concrete of a desolate parking garage after they were kicked to the curb by the imposter in chief and his war hungry cronies Pelosi and Schumer so that they could make their state military takeover appear to have total support from the people of this country, this makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. This is day two, ladies and gentleman, and Joe Biden has shown you without leaving any doubt or room for speculation when it comes to his lack of honor as he has supported every war that would send young men and women to their death and then thanks them by leaving them outside like a feral cat or unwanted junkyard dogs, and just in case you have any doubt about the level of respect Joe has for the brave heroes that signed up to make the ultimate sacrifice while protecting his liberty, his freedom, his country…just ask him yourself. They’re stupid bastards, right Joe?

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Meanwhile, Donald J. Trump has reportedly given permission to any National Guard troops to stay at the Trump Hotel in DC while they’re deployed to the greatest phony puppet show the world has ever seen. That’s what honor looks like, and it’s not by coincidence that you won’t hear a peep about it in the state controlled media. 

You won’t hear Don Lemon or Chris Cuomo talking about the 8,000 American COVID-19 deaths from yesterday, because they don’t want to address Biden’s mishandling of the pandemic or relentlessly show you the daily ticker of deaths as for profit medical providers rake in nearly forty grand for every healthy person they kill with a ventilator as radical progressives politicize a virus with a 99.8% survival rate to gain power while they lock you down in fear and show you how they really value of your life and the lives of our kids.

That’s not the focus here, and it won’t be. There was a 4 year pause in the 16 year plan to bring America to it’s knees and force Communism upon our great republic, and that pause was instigated by an America-loving patriot that gave up an incredibly luxurious life and sacrificed literally everything to pull back the curtains on the criminal empire that wishes to destroy us. 

So, as Schumer promises to deliver articles of impeachment on Monday, and as more and more voices are silenced as individual liberty and freedoms are crushed while business close down permanently at unprecedented rates causing permanent psychological and mental health issues among adults and children for the personal gain of establishment criminals and members of the global faction, just remember that the fire of American patriotism cannot be extinguished if you give it to God and truly understand the importance of timing. 

These are uneasy times for everyone, and we are seeing things we have never seen before, but the reason we are seeing it all is because we have all been awakened. This isn’t for the weak. This battle was meant for us…it was meant for right now in this time while we’re here because the Lord knows it is only His army that can stand in the face of evil and completely dismantle the plan of the devil.

The best is yet to come.

IMBECILES! Cuomo and Lemon Are Completely LOST! | Stew Peters, PCRadio