A “Perfect Storm” boiled over on January 6th.

Watch Leo Kelly’s Story

Interviews with Leo Kelly reveal he found himself caught up in a movement and decided to have his voice heard by praying to God inside the Capitol building. All accounts describe him as a Christian conservative patriot with no prior record of political dissidence. He allegedly was carrying no weapons, did not break through barriers and did not participate in theft or damage. In his Christian Lifesite interview, he stated he was respectful as possible to police.

Among other video footage, The New Yorker video-taped Kelly on his knees praying, confirming his story. After 2 weeks back home in Ohio, the FBI caught up with him and put him behind bars with a trial date of Feb 9th. Why did he go inside the Capitol? What really happened and does he deserve to be locked up relative to the left’s treatment of Antifa’s protests who are allowed to roam at will with impunity, yet whose destruction of property and life is appalling in comparison!

Whose ideologies threaten the foundation of America, Kelly praying for the U.S. Government or Antifa’s anti-government destructive rhetoric? Read the FBI complaint to see what they said. Did Kelly’s Senator Ernst (OH) call for investigations to calm the voting integrity concerns or was she neutral, contributing to conservative frustration that led to the protest? Watch her interview.

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