The swamp is not limited to Joe Biden, the Democrat Party or the radical progressives that have hijacked it. The swamp has infected the Republican Party, and many have walked away from President Donald Trump, selling out only to support their own political aspirations and pocket books. They don’t care about you, and they certainly don’t put America First.

This is incredibly evident in New York, specifically Staten Island, where the McCarthy loyalist Nicole Malliotakis is abandoning the values that best serve America.  She has fallen off the MAGA wagon and has indicated that she is owned by the establishment, serving only in the best interest of big government, not you.

Vish Burra is the former producer of War Room: Pandemic with Steve Bannon, and is the current Vice President of the New York Young Republican Club. He joined Stew Peters on Patriotically Correct Radio today to expose the truth:

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