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Utah Teacher Wishes Death On Republicans

Out of all the frivolous degrees conferred upon American college students, an education degree must be the silliest.

Not that we don’t need teachers. In fact, we need them very badly. But what type of teachers? Adults of sound mind might be the initial qualifications. However, that’s not what universities give us.

In many instances the schools pumping out today’s teachers are indoctrination camps, not educational institutions.  They breed vicious little PC robots, leftist automatons, not educators. A clear example of that has recently been found in Utah.

FNC: “A Utah high school teacher is under investigation for a tweet calling for the killing of ‘Republican senators’ that was sent after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. One concerned parent shared a screenshot of the tweet from the account of Parowan High School humanities teacher Brian Townsend in an Iron County School District Facebook group, calling his tweet ‘not appropriate’ and ‘unacceptable.’ ”

“I only hope that next time a president incites a riot at the Capitol, more Republican senators are killed,” said the bloodthirsty fascist, according to the screenshot.

Fascist is too much? What other kinds of political system murders its political opponents? Communism? Red fascism. Also this wee Townsend lad wants “more” Republican Senators killed. More? Were any killed at all? So, he didn’t even get that right.

The school district responded. “His statements do not represent a statement or the opinions of the Iron County School District. In fact, the school district ensures that where it may be a matter of free speech we are very serious about protecting free speech…all matters that affect the educational system adversely are not protected, and above all, we want to make sure that the educational process and the education for our students is protected.”

Yes, Mr. Townsend may be well within his free speech rights to spread his noxious opinions. The school district is well within theirs to fire him, as a teacher who advocates political murder may not be the best person to teach impressionable kids.

Even past that point, as Justice Holmes commented upon, do we have the right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater? I don’t think we do. Expressing an opinion is one thing. But inciting to action is another. Let’s say Mr. Townsend said to his students that something bad should happen to Senator Mike Lee, Republican of Utah. Perhaps he doesn’t come right out and say Lee should be murdered.

However, in front of a crowd of students who may find him credible as an authority figure, he hints violence should come to Lee. Is Townsend culpable if one of those students commits an act that could lead to Lee’s injury or death? Yes. For murder? No. But for inciting his particular crowd to do harm? Absolutely. It is a theoretical example that bears thought.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on February 28, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette [4] and is used by permission.

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