Former NFL player Herschel Walker spoke at a Congressional hearing on reparations on Wednesday, strongly arguing against Black Americans receiving it.

A virtual hearing was held on House Resolution 40, sponsored by Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (TX), which would create a commission on reparation proposals.

Walker questioned the feasibility of reparations and called it divisive.  During his opening statement, Walker said “We use Black power to create white guilt, my approach is biblical. How can I ask my Heavenly Father to forgive me if I can’t forgive my brother?” Walker continued, “Reparations teach separation. Slavery ended over 130 years ago. How can a father ask his son to spend prison time for a crime he committed?”

Walker finished by saying, “I feel it continues to let us know we’re still African American, rather than just American. Reparation or atonement is outside the teaching of Jesus Christ.”


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