The Democrats want you to believe they have all the answers when it comes to COVID-19. As they see it, the Republicans tried and failed, so it is now their turn to defeat the evil coronavirus. But did the Republicans really fail like CNN, CBS, and even Fox wants you to believe? All one has to do to find the answer is to look at the state of Florida and the leadership controlled by Republican frontrunner Governor Ron DeSantis.

Since COVID-19 was first announced in the states, DeSantis hasn’t let fear or Biden dictate how his state handles the virus. And as many as you already know, the state is full of the elderly, yet the state’s case numbers continue to steady, and in some cases, even drop. But again, the Democrats don’t want to hear that a Republican is doing good. All they want is control by fear, and they do that by spinning the narrative that COVID-19 will always be around and this is the new America. And what happens when DeSantis goes against that agenda? Find out below.

So now, even corporations aren’t allowed to back a candidate of their choosing. It was all completely fine when celebs and businesses backed Biden for election, but as soon as Publix donates money to DeSantis’ campaign – there is collusion.

Again, this is the media we are talking about, so when it comes to facts – they really don’t need them. It is because of the media that polls are showing voter’s remorse on the side of Biden. In short, the American people were lied to by the same people who were meant to give them the facts. It’s an injustice on a global scale, but the Democrats continue to double down.

Just look at Florida. Instead of praising the efforts by DeSantis and trying to learn what they did right – the media is executing a full-on smear campaign. Within the last week alone, ads and articles have been pouring out about DeSantis and how horrible of a leader he is, but again – look at the facts. Florida is full of the elderly and DeSantis is still managing to keep them safe and the virus at bay.

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But as his persona grows, so will the attacks. Why is this? Because the Democrats are scared of losing the White House in 2024. They know it is only a matter of time before America learns they were ill-prepared, and when that happens – nothing will be able to stop Republicans.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on February 22, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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