A Constitutional Conservative and America First legislator, Jake Hoffman is a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, a 2020 elector for President Trump, a contributing columnist for townhall.com, and president and CEO of Rally Forge, one of the nation’s top conservative creative agencies.

Representative Hoffman joined Stew Peters on ‘Patriotically Correct Radio’ today and discussed election reform, explained a fair process that will restore voter confidence, and spoke about what they have already accomplished in Arizona.

Here’s a list of legislation Rep. Hoffman supported and helped to become law in Arizona:

HB2039 – Prohibits hand count audits to be statistically significant with a 99% confidence level

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HB2569 – Prohibits private funding of elections activities like what Zuckerberg did to the tune of $400 million

HB2792 – Prohibits mass mailing of ballots to voters who DO NOT request it. Adds a class 5 felony for violating the statute.

HB2793 – Requires affirmative request to be registered to vote (ie: proactively prohibiting automatic voter registration). Adds a class 6 felony for violating this statute.

HB2794 – Prohibits an agent of the government from modifying a statutorily prescribed election deadline. Adds a class 6 felony for violating this statute.

HB2811 – Prohibits same day voter registration. Adds class 6 felony for violating this statute.

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