After more than half of the Army’s female soldiers have recently failed the Army’s new “gender neutral” fitness test that includes both male and female soldiers, the Pentagon is considering cancelling the test.

According to a study released from the Pentagon last week 65 percent of females are failing, while 90 percent of males are passing the military’s Army Combat Fitness Test.

Congress has actually halted the test while there is an investigation into whether or not the test is fair.

“In the ACFT there are six events — the maximum deadlift, a standing power throw, hand-release pushups, a spring, drag and carry, leg tuck, and a two-mile run. To pass the test those taking it must score at least 360 points out of a possible 600, and those who achieve higher scores are more likely to be promoted.” – Excerpt from the Telegraph Report on ACFT

A military personnel member spoke with regarding the test anonymously

 “The proposed solution involves the creation of ‘gender-specific’ percentile bands broken into levels such as Top 1%, Top 10%, Top 25%, and Top 50%, according to an Army briefing slide circulating on social media. All they are going to see for evaluation is which percentile the soldier falls into. The gender identity will not be included in that information.” – military official