Mike Carnevale, Florida Gym Owner, Joins PC Radio To Tell His Story

We live in a country that was founded on the basic principles of individual liberty and freedom. The freedom to do whatever you see best fit for the happiness, safety and the future of your family. Freedom looks different for every single one of us, because we are at liberty to make choices each day to strive for that future, to make decisions based on finance, based on love, and based on the weight of pros and cons and the possible outcomes or consequences of our decisions, words, relationships and actions.

You have the right to wager your entire life savings, every penny you’ve ever earned, to leave the corporate wokeplace you’ve been busting your ass at for the last decade so that you can start your own business. Open a deli, a coffee shop, a sporting goods store, an internet-based business, a restaurant or a private practice in your community that allows you to spend more of your time focused on the loved ones that mean everything to you. You have the right to succeed, and the right to fail. Nobody promised you anything, and it’s only by the sweat on your back, the drive in your heart and the passion in your soul that can determine whether you crash and burn, survive or thrive in your venture.

That’s supposed to be how it works, and it has, until now. Now, the future is seemingly based solely on what the overreaching, controlling and tyrannical power hungry establishment criminal career politicians and elected representatives have decided, because your fate depends on maneuvering that will be made by those who promised everything during a campaign cycle during an election time, but then turned their backs on you and me when they took a seat in a position of power and turned their focus to their own survival in a swamp filled with poisonous and venomous creatures slithering about the deep state of a rapidly growing cesspool of corruption and filth where the primary objective is remaining in power, gaining more traction, raising more money and striving for re-election. When he who was once powerless has a taste for power, he’s unlikely to sacrifice any of what he has gained, even if it means destroying everything he once loved, everything he once believed in, everything he once cherished.

The biggest threat to those in power is a united people that have become disenfranchised by the growing restrictions on freedom and the decreasing odds of the possibility for survival for them and their families. But when that group of people begin to make noise, the desperation of your previous friend will quickly force your new-found foe to destroy you and anything that should stand between he and his throne. He will crush you like a junkyard car, he will squash you like a bug. He will use all of his resources including intimidation, bribery, threats and even incarceration to get you out of his way for the sake of political gain and his personal agenda. He will crucify you in front of your peers, and despite having previously told you that he would be in your corner, he will become a traitor without hesitation and he and those around him that have sworn to uphold the secret alliance will unleash the fury of hell upon you to rid of your existence, completely.

On July 17, 2020, Broward County enacted an emergency order mandating facial coverings, even during strenuous fitness activities. This forced a Broward County gym owner to file a suit against those in power, challenging the legality of the overreaching and unconstitutional executive order.

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That isn’t something you can do. Challenging the self-appointed power and initiatives of the elite is a big ‘no-no’, and it is sure to attract the attention of those apex predators at the top of the food chain. One day after filing that suit, the new-age Nazi-like ‘brownshirts’ posing as servants to the public arrived at that gym and ordered Mike Carnevale to close. Carnevale would not comply, and he was arrested. He spent 12 hours in the Broward County jail and was ordered to close his business for a period of 24 hours.

This was only the beginning of the politically-motivated attack on Carnevale and his business, for he had made it known that he would not bow to the un-American and liberty-crushing false authority of those in charge. On August 6, the regime soldiers came back and arrested him, again. Mike spent another stint in the lockup facility and was ordered to close again, this time for 96 hours.

When Mike was released from jail he moved his equipment into the parking lot and held a workout as a service to the community during the forced-closing of his doors. Local media was present with their cameras rolling and captured the third arrest during the peaceful and health-promoting gathering. This time both Mike and his wife would be taken into custody, and the Carnevales would be ordered to close for an additional week.

On September 26, Governor Ron DeSantis took notice of this harassment, and immediately signed Executive Order 20-244, the “Right to Work”. This allowed small business to remain open and discontinued fines for all COVID restrictions and violations. This didn’t stop the progressive radical tyrants from their assault on Mike and his means to earn an honest living. Just weeks later, Broward County police executed a “Writ of Possession” issued by Judge Natasha Deprimo. ‘Patriotically Correct’ looked into Deprimo, and found her here on this political advertisement with the former mayor and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

Carnevale’s case is far from over, and now he’s looking at serving 6 months in prison after making a stand against the totalitarian regime.

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