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LEO Round Table: Banning Guns and Magazines; Biden Calls For Action


LEO Round Table – Law Enforcement Talk Show

01:10 [1] President Biden is banning guns and magazines

08:34 [2] Chauvin’s trial begins

10:17 [3] Suspect fatally shot by police

Topic 1 concerns President Joe Biden tightening background checks for firearms and banning assault weapons/high-capacity magazines, after two mass shootings that occurred within 2 weeks in the United States.

Topic 2 concerns Derek Chauvin’s trial beginning and being broadcasted globally. Also mentioned: Minneapolis police, George Floyd, and Judge Peter Cahill.

Topic 3 concerns Albuquerque (New Mexico) police fatally shooting Claude Trivino, after he charged at officers with a weapon. Also mentioned: Officers Jarrod Potter and Christian Cordova.

Show Panelists and Personalities:

Chip DeBlock (Host and retired police Detective)

Ward Meythaler (Attorney and former Federal Prosecutor)

John Newman (retired police Chief)

Bret Bartlett (retired police Captain)

David D’Agresta (retired police Officer and sheriff’s Corporal)

Andrea Casale (retired police Officer)

Will Statzer (Producer)

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