The Act was passed by the Mississippi House in vote of 81-28 and then was passed in the Mississippi Senate in a vote of 34-9 and now goes before Republican Governor Tate Reeves.

“If we do not move to protect female sports from biological males who have an unfair physiological advantage, we will eventually no longer have female sports,” – Republican state Sen. Angela Hill

An additional 25 states are also considering trying to pass similar legislation to protect women’s sports.

Below is an excerpt from the Mississippi Fairness Act:

Interscholastic or intramural athletic teams or sports that are sponsored by a public primary or secondary school or any school that is a member of the Mississippi High School Activities Association or public institution of higher education or any higher education institution that is a member of the NCAA, NAIA or NJCCA shall be expressly designated as one of the following based on biological sex: (a)  “Males,” “men” or “boys”; (b)  “Females,” “women” or “girls”; or (c)  “Coed” or “mixed.” Athletic teams or sports designated for “females,” “women” or “girls” shall not be open to students of the male sex.

If disputed, a student may establish his or her sex by presenting a signed physician’s statement which shall indicate the student’s sex based solely upon: (a) The student’s internal and external reproductive anatomy; (b)  The student’s normal endogenously produced levels of testosterone; and (c)  An analysis of the student’s genetic makeup.

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One of the first things President Biden did after being in office was pass a law that allowed biological males to compete in women’s sports giving them a distinct advantage based off of their original genetic makeup.

When former President Trump spoke at CPAC he condemned Biden for not protecting women’s sports

“Joe Biden and the Democrats are even pushing policies that would destroy women’s sports,” Trump said. “Now, young girls and women are incensed that they are now being forced to compete against those who are biological males. It’s not good for women. It’s not good for women’s sports, which worked so long and so hard to get to where they are. The records that stood for years, even decades, are now being smashed with ease, smashed. If this is not changed, women’s sports, as we know it, will die, they’ll end, it’ll end.” – Former President Donald Trump

It’s no secret that any biological male has a distinct advantage over a female when it comes to competing in sports regardless of how they choose to identify. Males need to compete with males and females compete with females.

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