In today’s era where anti-law enforcement rhetoric, fueled by misguided movements and special interest groups, seems to be the new daily narrative for national media and political leaders, we are losing more heroes than ever in our communities.  Sheriff Scott Rose from the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office launched the podcast in November 2020 to do something special, tell the stories of the fallen.

Here’s a sixty second trailer to explain more about the show. We are happy to announce that we will be adding Sheriff Rose’s show to our content lineup here at Thin Blue Line TV.

The Ole Havey Story

Officials were concerned about a recent rash of burglaries. Hayfield City Marshal Ole Havey ends up interrupting the suspect burglarizing a store on Main Street that night. A deadly shooting, a man hunt, an escape from custody, and finally a conviction follows, leaving this community stunned and saddened by the senseless murder of this family man.

City Marshal Ole Havey – EOW – December 30th, 1905
Floor plan of the Sheriff’s Office and jail in the basement of the courthouse in Mantorville MN
Frank McVey was convicted of killing City Marshal Ole Havey and sentenced to life in the Stillwater State Penitentiary. He was released after 36 years in 1942.
The white awning on the left side of the picture a block down was the Dalen & Alrick Store where Frank McVey killed Marshal Havey.

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