In today’s era where anti-law enforcement rhetoric, fueled by misguided movements and special interest groups, seems to be the new daily narrative for national media and political leaders, we are losing more heroes than ever in our communities.  Sheriff Scott Rose from the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office launched the podcast in November 2020 to do something special, tell the stories of the fallen.

Here’s a sixty second trailer to explain more about the show. We are happy to announce that we will be adding Sheriff Rose’s show to our content lineup here at Thin Blue Line TV.

The Robert (Beefy) Lawson Story

Loved and respected by all, Deputy Robert Lawson always focused on helping kids in need in this tight knit Iron Range community.  In 1981, he was brutally executed by a local criminal while doing just that – fellow officers and family help tell his story and why Lawson’s killer should never be free.

Deputy Robert (Beefy) Lawson
EOW – October 29, 1981

Bullet with the letters B-E-E-F-Y scratched into it by Deputy Lawson’s killer before the murder.
Robert Lawson’s killer escorted into the Sheriff’s Office after the standoff.

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