The tailspin of misinformation and disinformation has been carefully designed, and the false narratives are being pushed upon us, on purpose with the hopes of causing the mental dam to break inside the heads of America-loving, freedom-embracing citizens of the United States. What do I mean by that?

The pressure has been building for a long time, and the hope is to distract Americans away from the corruption and criminal activity happening at the top of our federal law enforcement and intelligence gathering agencies, inside of the United States Congress, the Senate, the White House and across the country in our judicial system. ‘Patriotically Correct’ has highlighted certain and specific examples on this program, but the broad picture is even more scary as we really step back, stop and look at the information superhighway as it flows, running at lighting speed and causing chaos literally everywhere you look.

Corporate America has turned into a ‘woke’-infected space where people are losing their jobs for refusing to apologize for or reject and condemn their whiteness and the whiteness of others. The military is literally sending pregnant women into combat at mach 2 inside of military jet aircraft and then literally attacking a cable news host that dares to call that into question. The former president illegally spied on a U.S. citizen, a presidential campaign and a sitting president. Hillary Clinton is walking around free, thousands of emails deleted, cell phones destroyed, cover-ups in Benghazi and more as the list of crimes is endless with that family…American citizens are being targeted by the FBI, the media is complicit in the suppression of real news, propaganda is spreading like wildfire, violent political groups participating in domestic terrorism are being promoted and encouraged by elected representatives, they’re immune to arrest and criminal prosecution, Trump is a racist, Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself, civil war seems imminent as Americans are divided about literally every issue from the politicizing of a virus to the overreaching mandates as a result of it. Parents are losing their children in the name of health and safety, businesses are closing, suicide rates are up, our kids are being indoctrinated and people elected and sent to office by the people of our country are being arbitrarily expelled and removed, despite the will of Americans as radical progressives just change the rules of the game to fit their agenda and the push for totalitarian rule in our country.

The entire system is completely toppling, quite literally, right before our eyes at a rate that we never expected while the media and those that we used to rely on for objective fact reporting and information have allowed themselves to be bought and paid for by billionaire hedge fund owners, foreign influence, advertisers and big tech is running cover for all of them. Your social media feeds are being tampered with as shadow banning takes place, your first amendment is all but gone and they’re promising to come for your guns. They’re not keeping it a secret anymore and everything we thought was previously cooky talk, fringe or conspiracy theory is now a reality as we watch monuments destroyed, statues taken down, school names changed, history books burned and taken out of the classroom and elections compromised by technology along with foreign and domestic influence.

We have to think about all of these things objectively as we look ourselves in the mirror on a daily basis trying to convince ourselves that everything is going to be ok. We have to try to stay positive for our kids as we navigate through the daily life most every day Americans enjoy as we battle through a work day to pay the bills at home where we hope to feel safe and spend quality time with our families. But this is a harder challenge than we thought, so we need to try to stay positive in a world where everything seems to be crumbling down around us.

Someone that refuses to bow to political correctness or cave under the immense weight and pressure of the worldly events is Monica Matthews, host of Life, Love & Liberty. Monica joined me today on PC Radio:

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