As the pressure is mounting in the push for Governor Newsom to be recalled he has been blaming that push on racial motives. Governor Newsom spoke to reporters outside of an Alameda Elementary School on Tuesday to claim the people on the petition had listed the “Browning” of California as one of the reasons they wanted him recalled.

However, the petition did not mention race. It did however say the following, “Laws he endorsed favor foreign nationals, in our country illegally, over that of our own citizens.”

Leo Terrell discussed the issue on Fox & Friends expressing his frustration with Governor Newsom for using the race card as well as the tendency for the Democrats to utilize the race card 24/7 for their own personal gain.

“I’m so sick of the Democrats. Normally, they play the race card every four years. They’re playing the race card every day, 24/7. Last year was the first time that I wanted to leave this state. Why? Because he basically locked it down for no reason. He didn’t follow the science and he deserved to be recalled. But the lies about who supports this recall, it’s everyone of all colors, shapes, sizes and all political parties.” – Leo Terrell 

The motive behind the recall petition has more to do with how Governor Newsom has handled the Coronavirus pandemic with some of the strictest lockdown measures in the entire country. Of course Newsom will not take responsibility for these measures and instead blames them on Donald Trump and right wing conspiracy theorists.

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