DC- Under Seige? 
There weren’t throngs of protestors or thousands of troops surrounding the Capitol as I drove to the base to see what’s really going on. On the contrary, people were riding bikes, taking photos, walking dogs and picnicking with family at ground zero of the nation’s woes.
The Capitol, almost as a castigated child, sits atop a beautiful hill with a ten foot chain link fence to ensure the American people cannot enter into the belly of her beast. Too bad the fence can’t keep the legislative minions in until the admit their sins, offer restitution to the American people and get right before God and country.
I strolled around with camera in hand to ask what people thought about the election process and if they were happy with the state of the nation. The answers were surprising and sad. Would it surprise you to know most people surveyed, both democrats and republicans felt their irregularities? Would it also surprise you to know that black America is still proliferating the folklore of Trump bad and Clinton good?
Embarking on the ‘tour’ of a lifetime, The Monica Matthews America First Tour- Restoring The Election Grid and Trust, folks are ready to do the heavy lifting of never going back to Egypt of the Obama years.
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