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Guests: Pastor Artur Pawlowski & Kevin J Johnson

Seg:1– (AUDIO) A Global News report shows that Canadians are getting restless. Anti-lockdown sentiment, along with protests, is running high across Canada. Quebec has long ridden high on the hog, courtesy of equalization funds squeezed out of provinces like Alberta. These  funds have given Quebecers a lavish social safety net that they are now seeing vanish. Global presents an incomplete snapshot of the unrest that occurred in Quebec, but that’s par for their course. The report also goes into rallies in Kemptville, Ontario, and in Edmonton.

Listen as Mike fills in the blanks for the rotten mainstream media who failed to report the whole truth.

(AUDIO) Giant crowd at an Edmonton anti-lockdown rally chants for Chief Public Health Officer Deena Hinshaw to be locked up. To get 2,000 people at the legislature on a Monday would normally be an anomaly, but with so many now out of work it was a reality. Such an amazing spirit among so many patriotic Albertans, which included the “Albertan from Quebec” himself, Mr. Maxime Bernier.

(AUDIO) Jason Kenney’s solution to this was to make a show speech, to let the people know how much freedom and liberty his government is upholding. The carrots he dangled included the repeal of governmental power to make vaccines mandatory.  The government also repealed precedent setting Bill 10, which gave Alberta Health Services(AHS) broad and sweeping powers at the beginning of the pandemic. In whole, it’s more less a brag-a-thon about how gracious he thinks he is to Albertans. And a shameless display of damage control. Will this remove the fence around GraceLife?  Doubtful. Still, he seems to think Albertans should be thankful. Mike goes very in depth on Kenney’s full statement.

(AUDIO) Fauci says it’s still not okay for vaccinated Americans to eat and drink indoors. Nobody buys it anymore The bloom has fallen off the flower.

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(AUDIO) ” The 100 Year Plan To Disarm The American People.” report from Greg Reese. From FDR to Biden, law abiding gun owners in America have had the screws put to them.  Today, Biden is unlawfully criminalizing the lawful.  Guns in the hands of lawful Americans continue to be an essential equalizer against lawless criminals. Very good report from Greg Reese.

Enjoy Mike’s commentary and analysis on all of this, and more, in an info packed segment 1

Seg:2–  Americanuck Radio welcomes back Mr. Peter Downing, founder of the Alberta USA Foundation. Fresh off a trip to Florida and MaraLago, Peter comes on to discuss the amazing fruits of his journey. Initially, Peter talked about how he disregarded all the quarantine BS after coming back to Canada. Peter was in the U.S. for the 917 society’s “Salute To The Constitution.” The society’s name represents the month and day that the final draft of the Constitution was signed by members of the Constitutional Convention. The spirit of freedom that Peter experienced in the U.S. was astounding, and he goes into a few interactions with some amazing people which highlights this. If enough people in Alberta followed the example of GraceLife Church, or Artur Pawlowski, there would be no place for such obvious tyranny to stand. Peter had a most enjoyable journey.  Fostering unity between various factions of Alberta independence, as well as making some key contacts in the U.S.. How sweet it is! May God continue to bless Peter and all who are working so hard toward statehood for Alberta. Enjoy this chat in full between Mike and Peter.

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