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Guests: Derek Fildebrandt & Michael Johns

Summary by Peyton Smith.

Seg:1–  Americanuck Radio was proud to have Mr. Derek Fildebrandt, former Alberta MLA and now of The Western Standard, join the program again in segment 1. Today, Derek stopped by to discuss how Erin OToole’s carbon tax is actually worse than the Liberals carbon tax. Yes, really. There is widespread agreement that in order to meet the Paris Accords, the carbon tax should be at least $170 per metric tonne. The Liberals want $170 per metric tonne by 2030 in order to meet that mark, while O’Toole has proposed $50 per tonne. Since he already went back on his promise to not have a carbon tax, and he seems hell bent on seeing Canada be in line with the Paris Accords, why should Canadians believe that Erin wouldn’t raise it up more? Derek also explains that, as far deficits and spending are concerned, there simply isn’t much difference between O’Toole and Trudeau,  The Canadian Conservative party appears to be trying to out left the left. It’s sad, but true. He also touches on other disturbing parts of O’Toole’s scheme, or scam as it were.

Seg:2– Michael Johns, national co-founder of the national Tea Party Movement, joins the program in segment 2 to discuss his support for Alberta independence. Michael’s bonafides are many, and his passion has ignited many fires of liberty in the hearts and minds of Americans. He discusses how instrumental the Tea  Party was in strangling Obama’s agenda. The Tea Party defied conventional wisdom at the time, as it scuppered much of Obama’s madness. Michael describes a very plausible victory that could happen for Alberta independence, which is very heartening to hear. He brings up the need to unite people to break away from Ottawa, along with the importance of getting the percentage of Albertans who are for independence above the 50% threshold. Many Western Canadians have alot of commonality with the Tea Party, and Michael offers his aid and guidance in going forward with the independence movement. The warning bells of freedom’s demise mustn’t be left unheeded.

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