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O’Toole’s Carbon Tax & Sex Worker Covid Vax

Summary by Peyton Smith
Seg:1- Hank Azaria has been invited to meet with the Hindu American Foundation, to express his guilt over voicing the affable character of Apu. What will the franchise apologize for next? Cultural appropriation of Groundskeeper Willie? Perhaps they will apologize for making fun of alcoholism. Who knows? Azaria believes the voicing of Apu is now a slur, and he feels the need to apologize to every Hindu. No bother at all. We will be paying tribute to Apu throughout the show, so keep your ears peeled.
In Canada, voters have the choice between more lockdowns and carbon taxes, or more lockdowns and carbon taxes. The Conservative “official opposition” is out to lunch and out in the ether with leader Erin O’Toole, who lied about implementing a carbon tax. He’s going to go ahead and pursue the Paris Accords like a rabid dog, with a carbon tax that compares very favorably with that of the Liberals. To hell with any of his caucus, or any of his constituency who might disagree. Mike rakes this liar over the coal superbly, and goes further in depth with excellent commentary and analysis.
All this, and much more, comes your way in a fabulous segment 1
Seg:2-  What is one negative result of the carbon tax and red tape in Canada? A massive exodus of businesses and talent fleeing Alberta for Texas. To be specific, it’s an energy exodus. Companies large and small, along with individuals, have flocked to Texas for a better environment to work in the oil industry. This is a needless tragedy, but yet another reason for Alberta to get out of the sinkhole of confederation that she’s currently in. Mike powerfully expounds on this.
Sex workers get priority access for Covid vaccines in Vancouver B.C. Some think healthcare workers, or teachers should be at the front of the line of those who choose to be vaccinated. In Vancouver, that logic gets turned on it’s head. Clearly, the spread of STDs and out of control immorality pales in comparison to the potential Covid that hookers might spread. Mike sifts into this craziness further, and breaks it all down.
All of this, and more, comes at you in a superb segment 2 from Mike.

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