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Guest: Benjamin Eble

Summary by Peyton Smith

Americanuck Radio welcomes Benjamin Eble, admin of the Alberta 51 Facebook group. An American originally from Cincinnati, Ben moved to Mexico and lives among Canadian ex pats. Ben explains the road that brought him to the present, and to his powerful advocacy for Alberta statehood. The story of Alberta independence from  the crown is quite reminiscent of our forefathers during the American Revolution. Ben brings some interesting information and little known history between the United States and Canada, which includes official U.S. policy towards Canada over the last 150 years. Truly phenomenal things could happen if we, as Americans and Canadians, could unite as one. We are literally the same people, descended from European immigrants. The ongoing chasm between us need not be the norm.  Kudos to Mr. Eble for a fabulous presentation and unique history lesson, which must be heard in full. A very perspective broadening discussion between Mike and Ben awaits.

For all interested, click below to check out the Alberta 51 Facebook group.
Ottawa cannot help themselves when it comes to idiocy, and wastefulness. Firearm lockup systems monitored by the police is a gem of an example.  They can’t logistically go door to door in order to round up property that isn’t theirs, but they can put your guns under a home monitoring system connected to your local RCMP? Whatever. Listen to Mike torch this insane pile of Ottawa garbage.

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