In response to Arizona Governor Doug Ducey lifting the mask mandate for Arizona schools, the Vail School District in Southern Arizona was scheduled to meet on Tuesday evening to discuss the district’s mask policy. However when hundreds of parents showed up to protest the mask mandate, the board abruptly ended the meeting and took off.

A group of parents showed up to protest their children having to wear masks while in school. The board officials called 911 when they became overwhelmed by the number of parents that showed up to the meeting to protest the mask mandate.  In just over a minute four sheriff’s deputies and a sergeant with the Pima County Sheriff’s Office showed up to the meeting. The crowd was under control, but the board claimed that the crowd was out of control and that was why they were forced to end the meeting. The sheriff’s office confirmed that was not the case.

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Parents demanded to know why the board had cancelled the meeting. After the board had left the parents implemented Robert’s Rules of Order and voted in a new board. The new board voted to end the mask requirement for the Vail School District. Whether or not the process of voting in the new board will uphold remains to be seen, but it’s great to see parents take charge of a situation and stand up for themselves and their children.