Black owned businesses in the area known as George Floyd Square in Minneapolis are desperate for police help as crime has risen dramatically in the area.

According to business owners who operate on the corner of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue,  the combination of the increased crime and the intersection being blocked off by police has created what they are calling a dangerous autonomous zone.

“The city left me in danger. They locked us up on here and left us behind.” – owner of Smoke in the Pit

“Look around. Things are empty. What can we do about it?” – Richard Roberts, works at nearby Church

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Ever since the memorial has been established for George Floyd, business owners in the area have lost approximately 75 percent of their revenue. There has been a GoFundMe Page created to help replace the lost revenue.

“Following the killing of George Perry Floyd Jr. and the reduction of the Minneapolis Police Department, there has been uncontrollable crime in this city. Carjackings have nearly tripled and cars and catalytic converters are being stolen at high rates. Reports of bullets whizzing through the streets, businesses, innocent unintended residence homes, into cars and walls are plentiful. There is constant gunfire day and night, through all seasons despite the belief that winter would slow crime and gunfire it has not! In fact these Black businesses have suffered a similar fate having windows shot out from random gunfire, cars stolen, customers not patronizing businesses due to fear of violence in the neighborhood and throughout the city.” – Statement from GoFundMe Page

The intersection was barricaded by police to allow for the memorial to be put in place for George Floyd. Police said last month that they would retake the intersection and help to restore peace to the area, but no time line was given for when they might do so.