On Friday evening during a “Jail Killer Cops” Rally in Washington, D.C. a BLM activist speaking to the crowd asked how long until “people are really ready to get blood on their hands” to create lasting change.

“Voting is not gonna bring us this change. We voted in the new president, Joe Biden, but I told folks straight up — Joe Biden ain’t gonna do nothing for us because Joe Biden was in office as the vice-president when the Black Lives Matter movement started and ain’t nothing changed. We’ve been protesting for a really long time. How much longer can we protest and march in the streets before we are ready, really ready, to get blood on their hands because one of these days, it’s going to have to come to that.” – Rahim B

Rahim continued to speak to the audience condoning looting and violence as a means for effective change.

“Bringing about that change is not going to always be pretty, and it’s not going to be peaceful. I don’t condemn who loot, I support them for looting. I support people who take matters in their own hands. If you want to set something on fire, go do that.”