The Black Lives Matter Organization is claiming that their communities have been terrorized at a greater rate under Biden than Trump and expressed it’s irritation with Biden sending “more military equipment” than Trump ever did.

The Black Lives Matter website claims that the military that was on the streets prior to the reading of the Chauvin verdict was, “state-sanctioned violence against Black people.”

The website also talks about putting an end to the 1033 program also known as the Law Enforcement Support Office, which allows for the transfer of military grade equipment to local law enforcement agencies. The website goes on to claim that since it’s creation over $7 billion in funding has gone to law enforcement agencies and has accelerated under the Biden Administration.

However, Breonna Taylor’s family and Michael Brown’s family, “two of the iconic victims in the Black Lives Matter movement,” are questioning the BLM movement and where the funding that the organization receives is going.

Should Black Lives Matter Be Labeled As A Domestic Terrorist Organization?

While Black Lives Matter is weighing in on the funding of Law Enforcement, many others are questioning what their funds are funding. For example: BLM Co-Founder Buys Luxury Homes With Campaign Funds, Facebook Helps Bury The Story.

Breonna Taylor’s family has gone so far to call the Kentucky BLM chapter a fraud.

Meanwhile in Minneapolis: BLM National ‘Poster Child’ Arrested on Warrant Stemming From Sex With Minor