Police Whistleblower Breaks Silence

It’s no secret that law enforcement across the country have been demonized, defunded, protested against, and lied about almost non-stop since the death of George Floyd.  In the big blue Democrat controlled cities, it’s even worse.  They not only have to deal with the thugs on the street, lies in the media, but they have to watch their backs from their own administration and ‘leadership.’

Stew Peters has developed an anonymous source within the law enforcement community in Minneapolis and you won’t believe what is REALLY going on!

In what is just the first of many segments with inside information, Stew breaks down what he’s learned:

  • More information about the drive by shooting of the National Guard.
  • Guns being found in numerous hiding places throughout the area, planted by rioters.
  • Hardcore gang members from Texas traveled to the area with a weapons cache, investigators believe they were involved in planning hits on law enforcement in Texas and traveled to Minneapolis to do the same. Their weapons cache was recovered with six AR-15s, 1,300 rounds of ammunition, tracer rounds, and 13 brand new Glock handguns. The suspects are still outstanding and believed to be in the area.
  • Intelligence reveals that 20-40 buses are expected to be arriving in Minneapolis this week from all over the country, as well as flights arriving from all over, all with radical thugs and their equipment including: riot gear, helmets, gas masks, and more. Intelligence confirmed they are connected to ANTIFA and BLM.
  • Officers are being followed on and off duty, with several incidents where guns were brandished.  Officers have been told to not engage by their administration.
  • This email was received at a police station and is deemed credible, “Funny thing is, it took me $40 to get every name and address of every police officer in this state including their families… who is in control now? You fuck with me and I’ll take everything you care about from you.  $700 is the price of a life.  I fucking dare you to test me. I have enough cash to have 100 of you taken out in 24 hours. Funny part is that you’ll never find the money.”

This is just the beginning of the information we are receiving. Look for much more very soon.

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