Stew Peters is joined by Patrick Howley, Senior Reporter for National File, for the ‘Daily Intel Brief’

(Watch the bodycam of the Daunte Wright shooting here.)

So as we get set for the beginning of week three in the trial of Derek Chauvin here in Minneapolis, the city is once again on fire. Unless you’re living in a protected bubble away from reality, maybe in the Topanga Canyon neighborhood near Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors, you’re aware of the police involved shooting just outside of our city, where 20-year-old Daunte Wright was killed, ending his short life of gun-carrying thuggery, drugs, gang-banging, and fast-paced money worshiping, flashing cash and victimizing innocents.

The picture the media is going to show you is the one at this birthday party, where his supposed child was able to feel the warm embrace of the father that I’m speculating was otherwise mostly absent in his life. We are certain, once again, to be lied to by the communist state-controlled major broadcast networks and cable channel commentators that will talk about a “child” that was gunned down in cold blood by a racist white cop. The rhetoric will further the divide that the left desperately wants here in America to finish the toppling of a political system, force civil race wars, and distract away from their criminal activity as people like the subservient slave Don Lemon answer to their masters, afraid to leave the plantation and think for themselves.

Rich and entitled silver spoon lifestyle hypocrites like Cullors will see this as a blessing, of course. This will generate millions of dollars in donations to their so-called “non-profit” organizations, which we also know to be a lie, as Black Lives Matter is the largest and fastest-growing political group, for-profit corporation in the world, capitalizing on the fake lies spewed by racist liberals as they pretend to care about black lives, while raking in the dough so that they can buy $1.4 million dollar mansions right next to their sworn enemy in neighborhoods consisting of 88.2% privileged white people, only 1.4% black and in a place where research reveals there were no reports of any rioting over the last year. And, don’t you dare point that out, because you’ll be right next to me in Twitter jail, facing a ban for exposing the truth about the self-proclaimed Marxist that hopes to rid of police in your neighborhood, while she and her like-minded friends like Mark Zuckerberg spend millions on their own security details, which for all intents and purposes are small police departments made up of uniformed and armed white men.

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What the media won’t show you are these pictures of Wright living the lifestyle he embraced. The lifestyle preached to him by today’s idols like the dead rapper, DMX, who celebrated the use of drugs, money chasing, sex with “hoes” and gang-related gun violence. You also won’t hear about Wright’s eye-popping and mind-blowing criminal history that resembles a 40-year-old career criminal which included tampering with motor vehicles, drugs, illegal possession of firearms and arrests for aggravated robbery in the first degree, just to name a few.

But that’s none of my business, and the reason I recognize this lifestyle for what it is as criminal, immoral and sure to end badly isn’t because I was raised in a home with a father that taught me valuable lessons, preached to me about the importance of honesty and integrity and introduced me to God. It’s because I’m white, and everything has been handed to me for my entire life simply because of the color of my skin. It doesn’t matter that I’ve never seen money like the professional athletes claiming to be oppressed, I’ve never lived near Malibu in a gated community like those screaming about injustice and racism and I don’t hold three degrees, I’m not married to a doctor, and I didn’t go to a private school my entire life like those who’ve been victimized since birth by systemic racism at the hands of my ancestors, like Ibram Kendi.

This is why we should be understanding when our local corner stores burn to the ground, white people are targeted with violence, stores are looted, cops are assaulted and police departments are shot up. We shouldn’t wonder why Trump-supporting grandmas that took selfies at the Capitol on January 6th are being rounded up by federal agents and journalists are being jailed by the FBI for taking pictures in DC, because they deserve everything that’s coming their way. We should be tolerant and embrace the fact that those responsible for billions of dollars in damage to our communities throughout the entire summer last year are free of criminal charges and spent no time in jail because Kamala Harris encouraged the continued riots and directed funds to bail efforts for those responsible, while condemning you and me for going to work and trying to feed our families by making an honest living, paying taxes, having a faith in God and a love for our country. Asking questions about any of this would be racist, and you shouldn’t dare raise an eyebrow to any of it, or you’ll pay.