Knowing who you voted for is easy, knowing if your vote counted…not so easy. Knowing what a candidate stands for can be challenging, but looking to the facts is the only thing you can do when you’re determining whether or not a candidate has any moral integrity, whatsoever, if the person is honest and running for elected office for the right reason, or if they’re padding their pockets, lying at every turn and sneaking around like snakes as they say one thing, but then do the next.

In California, for example, there’s Rep. Josh Harder. In a recent tweet, Harder said, “Last year corporate PAC’s spent more than $400 million to buy our elections. Today I introduced a bill to make that illegal. We have to shift power back to the people.”

Now, if Harder believed that, it would be nice. We want the power to remain with We the People, because that’s the way our republic remains free. I mean, that’s the quintessential denominator in fair elections, proper representation and the American way. But it’s not hard to look past the empty words of the liar Josh Harder, and see it’s not actually Harder working to deliver power back to the people, but rather quite the opposite. He’s taking the power of the vote away from the people by doing exactly the opposite of what he claims to support.

When you take a closer look into Harder’s campaign finances, which maybe Harder needs to be reminded are public, you can see that Harder actually took over $100,000 from big tech. That’s what this is. That’s what Alphabet, Inc. represents.

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Harder doesn’t want you to know that, and it’s quite possible that the reason he has to take hundreds of thousands from special interest groups and globalists is because the people wouldn’t actually want to elect him if the majority also knew that he supports the killing of unborn babies all the way up until the ninth month in the womb. He supports the murder of living babies.

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