Thinking about politicians and elected representatives, we tend to picture a guy in a suit with a law degree or some ivy league education that considers themselves an authority on everything we should be doing, telling us what’s best for us and guiding us through our daily decision making, preaching from a soapbox of love and humanity, health and safety, laws and legislation. We seem to forget that these people are people, just like us, and what we should really be focused on is finding those candidates that really put America First, spend time thinking about how to win, the importance of freedom and individual liberty, approaching issues and coming up with common sense solutions that bolster the economy, support faith, uphold our values and represent our country with pride, integrity and dignity.

We need to support those that believe that the United States of America is the greatest Republic the planet has ever known, and those that don’t care who’s toes they step on, who they piss off, or who might be offended when they’re leading in such a manner that effectively represents that sentiment.

We know Chad Prather as a comedian, but those of us that really watch Chad know him as an unapologetic American Patriot that represents all of the aforementioned, and he has recently announced his candidacy for governor of the great state of Texas,