After the verdict was read in Minneapolis, after the prosecution asked for Derek Chauvin’s bond to be revoked, and for him to be immediately remanded to the custody of the sheriff, Derek Chauvin knew he was going back to jail. He knew he was going to prison due to a criminal conviction. What did he do? He immediately stood up and put his hands behind his back. Can you imagine where we would be today if George Floyd had done the same thing?

Mob rule wins in America. The lesson and serious warning that should be taken away from the trial of Derek Chauvin is that if you’re a white police officer, you will never be right. There is no way that you can be involved in any use of force situation with a non-white person and be fairly evaluated afterward.

From the very beginning of the media spectacle surrounding the incident here in South Minneapolis, the death of George Floyd was politicized by radical progressive leftists and used against the black communities in the impoverished neighborhoods of democratically-controlled major cities in America which have become modern day plantations for that political party. Democrats don’t talk to black people outside of election cycles, they don’t pay attention to the black community, they’re not around when black people are dying as a result of gang and gun violence in their ‘gun free safe zones’, like in Chicago, where over 60 people can easily be reported shot over the course of a weekend in that city.

Derek Chauvin’s actions? I’m not here to defend them. I’m not here to say that I think it looked good for Derek Chauvin to be kneeling over a suspect for an extended period of time. I worked in Minneapolis for a long time dealing with violent fugitives wanted for crimes against persons, and I dealt with the Minneapolis Police Department daily. I know hundreds of Minneapolis cops, and brotherhoods have been formed with a handful of them, those are friendships unlike any other relationships I’ll ever know in my life and they’re forever. It’s just a different bond when you put your life in someone else’s hands and ask them to put theirs in yours. But Chauvin, I didn’t know him. I never worked with him, alongside him and didn’t ever have an extended conversation with him. We passed each other multiple times a week in the corner store we frequented for coffee, but I didn’t know his demeanor, I don’t know how he typically interacted with the public, and I don’t know what was going through his head when he was dealing with George Floyd that day.

I was called a racist for continuously mentioning Floyd’s past. For bringing up the fact that George Floyd served 9 prison sentences, for pointing out that George Floyd was high on fentanyl and meth, for highlighting George Floyd’s extremely extensive history of violence toward innocent victims and his habitual tendency to resist law enforcement. Mentioning that George Floyd resisted arrest is a racist thing to say, despite that it’s factual. It doesn’t matter that there are facts surrounding Floyd’s death, and I’m not here to break down all of the evidence, because I’m not an attorney, I wasn’t on the jury, I wasn’t in the courtroom every day, I wasn’t at the scene and I’m not an expert on Minneapolis Police use of force policies or the training that Chauvin and other Minneapolis cops receive on that department-approved neck restraint used for uncooperative suspects.

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The medical examiner noted there were no abrasions or contusions around George Floyd’s neck. That doesn’t matter. Despite the fact that the media immediately spotlighted the angry mob screaming about a racially motivated murder, Big tech magically started trending the “I can’t breathe” hashtag so the neck was a big deal, right? Why did we forget about that during the trial? Why did the expert medical analysis of the coroner hold no weight with the jury? I’m going to tell you why. The ME report also said that Floyd did not die from trauma associated with asphyxiation, but that his heart exploded after he ingested a lethal amount of street drugs, enough to kill three people. Three times the lethal amount of fentanyl and meth. But that doesn’t weigh in here, this is a racist murder. A murder. So that’s public opinion. I get it. Public opinion is going to happen, and I think it’s healthy for public opinion to be heard.

Being heard is different now than it was in the days of Martin Luther King, Jr. Being heard now is burning down occupied buildings, torching the businesses of people that weren’t involved, grabbing Gucci bags and Nike shoes…because that’s driving home the point that you’re unfairly treated by law enforcement who are charged with the responsibility of enforcing laws. It’s illegal to do these things, but racist to react. I see.

The conviction of Derek Chauvin isn’t a victory for justice, and whether Judge Jeanine Pirro wants to grandstand on the Gutfeld Show over at the Fox News channel, or if Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, along with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to say “we still have a long way to go”, and that justice for black Americans still hasn’t been truly recognized, what needs to be known is that the fact is there will be no good cops from here on. Why would anyone want that job today? Why would anyone sign up for certain failure? Are we really to believe that someone gets involved with schooling, goes to skills training, makes it through backgrounding and psychological evaluations, graduates from the academy, completes the FTO process and then goes into minority neighborhoods with the intent to hunt down and kill black people? Is that really what you believe?

A member of the United States Congress stood on the streets of Minneapolis, and incited violence. She encouraged people to become more confrontational if the jury didn’t reach the verdict that she desired. What’s more confrontational than burning down a city? What does that tell people in Minneapolis, and around the country? It means get more confrontational than you were last summer when you assaulted innocent people, raped women, looted neighborhood stores, burned them to the ground and systematically targeted and assassinated cops, just because they were wearing a uniform. The jury saw that. They saw Auntie Maxine saying those things, 100%.

These politicians began weighing in from the beginning. That had a tremendous impact, and it had a massive effect, not only on the public, but on the un-sequestered jury.  These people were instructed by this naive judge to go home each night and not watch the news. Really? You’re asking them to ignore their human instinct? Did the judge really expect that these people would not want to know how the trial was being reported on? Come on. It’s human nature. It’s just not realistic, and it’s not a fair request of regular people, not machines, to go home and completely ignore the fact that they’re on a jury for a trial that the whole world is watching. And why was the whole world watching? Because the world is looking to America to see if we are going to respond to the demands of Marxists pushing for the absence of the rule of law, the dismantling of our justice system and if we were going to cower to the mob, and we did.

You are going to tell me that this jury wasn’t effected by the mob outside of the courthouse? They didn’t see that as they were coming and going each day? They didn’t feel threatened by the fear of doxing as they watched a pig head get thrown at a witnesses former residence during the trial? These are methods of intimidation, and the media drove the fear right into that jury, right into that judge and Chauvin didn’t react because he knew it and so did his attorney.

Every cop in the city of Minneapolis, every cop in Chicago, New York, Baltimore and every other democratically controlled city ruled over by a leftist mayor or governed by a progressive city council should walk right now. Will they? Probably not all of them, but yes…a lot of them will. I’m getting calls from Minneapolis police officers that are telling me they’re done. Why would they stay?

Now, let’s talk about who wins in that case. Who wins, and who loses? The progressive radical leftists win, because they’re able to control the narrative of our justice system under the threat of violence. That’s not justice. That’s not America, and that’s not where a people are free. That is a communist society, and the left are weaponizing the woke police command staffs that will enforce their mandates, lockdowns, masking and business restrictions while they turn their backs on real violent crime. The government cannot be overthrown without the absence of the rule of law, and they’ve achieved that. They win. Who loses? Black people. Minorities. The impoverished minority communities being subjected to violence, living without fathers in their home, fearing the gangs that run the streets, watching their kids get hooked on drugs, abducted, forced into sex trafficking, raped, robbed, assaulted every day won’t have cops there. The cops are going to leave, and the ones that don’t leave aren’t going to respond to calls that involve a non-white suspect. Why should they?

Criminals have now been told that the best case scenario is to resist arrest and hope the cop does something in the heat of the moment that isn’t’ perfect or looks bad on tape. It will immediately be turned into an issue of race, and that criminal will go from zero to hero as quickly as the cell phone footage hits the internet. The police departments will spend taxpayer money to enrich the criminals or their families, as we saw in Minneapolis to the tune of $27 million, before a verdict was handed down in the criminal case, which was another intentional influence on that jury meant to intimidate them and force their verdict. The clear message to non-white criminals is that there is no burden of responsibility for their actions, and that they will never be held accountable. Resisting the police is the best course of action for non-white criminals.

From the beginning of this trial, the media attached an emotion to the death of George Floyd, and no matter what anyone says it’s impossible for that emotion to be removed from the minds of the jurors responsible for dissecting facts and determining whether or not Derek Chauvin is guilty of murder beyond a shadow of a doubt, which is the burden of the state. That’s what the justice system is supposed to be. Remember, we still have multiple other cops being tried in Minneapolis, Kim Potter for manslaughter in the death of Daunte Wright, a Chicago cop for the shooting death of a 13 year-old violent gang banger, and many more will come as the communists encourage blacks to resist arrest and become violent in the streets to demand the prosecution of cops.

Derek Chauvin didn’t get a fair trial. America did not get justice, and this is only the beginning.