Chicago, IL – Parents protested outside of the Chicago Teacher’s Union building on Tuesday demanding teachers return to the classroom and stop delaying the return of in-person learning.

High school students in Chicago were set to go back to school on April 19, but as of right now there is no return date due to demands from the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU).

“As parents, we are disheartened, seeing the pain that this is causing our young adults, who have had the hopes of returning to in person learning threatened again,” – statement from parents 

CTU President Jesse Sharkey stated that teachers want some type of plan in place for high school students to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Also included in their list of demands are scheduling and how teachers and students will navigate schools.

“It’s critical, we believe, that there be some plan for vaccinating high school age students, who are in many cases eligible for the vaccine, and their family members,” – Jesse Sharkey 

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After a long day of negotiations between CTU and Chicago Public Schools no agreement was reached and no return date has been set for high school students in Chicago. Teachers will not enter high school buildings to teach until they have that agreement in place.

 “CPS, all we’re asking for is that next week, on April 19th, as planned, our high schoolers can put on their backpacks and walk into the classrooms that they’ve been missing for over a year. They need it. We need it. The community needs it. Chicago needs it.” – statement from parents