I know it sounds radical, but I enjoy dealing with facts. I’m sure it’s racist to think about facts when feelings and political agendas have traction to gain and silver spoon millionaires like Ibram Kendi have money to make by lying to the world about critical race theories and fun hashtags like systemic racism, but I can’t help myself when I watch as these Marxist ideologs try to convince you that we live in this hateful and oppressive country, this awful place overflowing with oppression resulting in the inability for us to think on our own or actually acknowledge the truth that our ears are hearing. These people actually want you to unsee what your eyes are proving to be true as they try desperately to insert themselves between your retina and your brain in an attempt to somehow get in the way of a logical thought process when you hear trigger words like George Floyd, police, assault weapons, healthcare and so on…they’re running with a script, and expecting you to be forced into digesting their lies and somehow hold them down without puking, it’s ridiculous.

The city of Minneapolis, and other Democratically controlled cesspools filled with violence are bracing for arson, looting, assaults and the loss of innocent lives as elected representatives in those cities are actually promoting anarchy and criminal activity by their racist thug followers, because those people have nothing to lose, and that’s what makes this scary, folks. These are people without an education, they don’t have a real job or a career to keep them busy, they don’t see the world like you and me, because their absolutely dependent on the government as a direct result of the failed policies rammed down our throats by progressive communists, and they’ve allowed themselves to be manipulated by their masters. They don’t have families, at least not anyone that they care about, and that’s proven by the way they will indiscriminately target those of us that have something to care about, something to protect and something to lose. Their seemingly bottomless pit of misery and anger is a clear picture of how they view themselves as failures. People like Keith Ellison and Mayor Jacob Frey in Minneapolis, people like Lori Lightfoot in Chicago and Andrew Cuomo in New York are lost in their own narcissistic and self-centered environments as they wake daily trying to be of importance and relevance, and maybe that’s because everything they touch turns to a steaming pile of stink and filth while the scandals and nefarious intentional criminal actions, bribery and corruption continues to be exposed, I don’t know I’m just thinking out loud here, but it doesn’t take a whole lot of intelligence to understand that dejected, little, negligible, inadequate and unhappy people will always look for someone to join them in their dark world of agony and affliction.

That may be why they want us to believe that Derek Chauvin is guilty of murder, despite photographic evidence and expert medical analysis. These people don’t want you to acknowledge that the Hennepin County medical examiner ruled that George Floyd died as a direct result of his own decision to ingest a lethal amount of fentanyl and meth that would have killed three adults his size. They don’t want you to admit knowing that the same coroner noted that there were no abrasions, contusions, bruising or any other physical evidence of trauma from the actions of police at that scene in South Minneapolis where the career criminal and violent home-invader failed to comply with lawful direction by a police officer.

They don’t want you to see pictures of Chauvin’s knee on the back of George Floyd, they want you to continue believing that he’s a racist and a cold-blooded killer that choked off Floyd’s supply of oxygen and suffocated him on the street in front of rolling camera phones and a large crowd of witnesses. He just didn’t care, because he hates black people and that’s that. He set out that day to kill a black man in the third precinct because when he was a kid with a dream to become a cop, when he went to school, skills training, the MPD academy, through the FTO process and during his 20-year career as a Minneapolis cop, he was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to end it all, lose his family and everything he had ever worked for because it would all be worth killing George Floyd.

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The fact is, Derek Chauvin is going to get off. He’s not guilty of murder, and even those that don’t want to admit knowing that, know that. Keith Ellison knows that. Governor Tim Walz knows that. Mayor Jacob Frey knows that, and they’re lying to you. There’s a reason that Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman was removed from the position of prosecutorial authority in this case, and that’s because he all but said there wasn’t a case. There’s a reason they don’t want you to see the video at Red Volce Media dot com showing George Floyd high out of his mind and acting like an idiot while he was conducting his usual criminal activity, and that’s because they need the chaos. They need the distraction away from the truth so that they can continue serving themselves, looking out for their own political advancement in their continual search for more control and power as they enrich themselves at the cost of the city that so many love. They just don’t care.

I’m not sitting up here saying that I think the optics were beneficial for the Minneapolis Police Department, but that doesn’t make Derek Chauvin guilty of murder. I’m not saying that I agree 100% with the actions of the officer, but I wasn’t there. I didn’t know George Floyd like Chauvin did, and I’m not the cop that was responding to an out-of-control, non-compliant violent criminal with a significant history of weapons possession and assault. I’m not celebrating the fact that George Floyd is dead, and I pray every day that officers in this country go home at the end of their shift without losing their lives or having to take one, but the reality is that evil exists in this country, and that’s why they’re there. So, you can choose to believe the lies of the media and these radical liberals with a personal agenda. That’s fine, but that doesn’t make Derek Chauvin guilty of murder, and I pray that the criminal justice system does what’s right in this case, because the whole world is watching.

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