According to a police source, a cop turned whistleblower, gang members from Texas traveled to Minnesota with weapons, and investigators believe these to be the same group of thugs involved in planning hits on cops in Texas. The carload of criminal lowlifes traveled to Minnesota, presumably to do the same, but their car was found and at least some of the weapons they traveled with were recovered. Of the weapons recovered, my source tells me there were six AR-15’s, 1,300 rounds of ammunition, tracer rounds and 13 brand new handguns, still in the manufacturers case.

In addition to these guns, several stashes of firearms have been located around the Twin Cities Metro area, as if they have been strategically placed for rioters that wish to evolve from bricks, urine bombs and molotov cocktails and graduate to full-blown deadly force in the wake of a jury decision in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin.

My police source showed me intel reports warning Minnesota police officers from multiple agencies that 20-40 buses are expected to be arriving in the Minneapolis area this week, as well as flights that have been documented arriving from all over the country which are known to be transporting thugs with riot gear including helmets, gas masks and more. The police source confirmed that agents from outside agencies have connected the individuals to ANTIFA and BLM.

So, why aren’t they intercepting or stopping the flights and buses? Why isn’t this being reported by the media in Minneapolis and St Paul? Why is the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey and Governor Tim Walz trying to cover all of this up, while they talk about how ‘proud’ they are to be in a city where peaceful demonstrators are allowed to protest systemic racism in law enforcement?

Should Black Lives Matter Be Labeled As A Domestic Terrorist Organization?

Why haven’t the same elected representatives or the media given the public the facts to deal with, rather than spewing lies and propaganda in a communistic style takeover of our peaceful American neighborhoods as they use easily influenced parasites with nothing to lose as their suicide bomber missionaries while a member of the United States Congress openly calls for a violent insurrection, and the Speaker of the House defends the words of Maxine Waters, who said these domestic terror groups need to get ‘more confrontational’? What’s more confrontational than burning entire cities to the ground, lighting places of worship on fire in broad daylight, assaulting the police with explosives, torching police precincts and neighborhood stores, raping innocent women and killing uninvolved members of the community? What, exactly, is it that Maxine Waters is really calling for?

Nancy Pelosi initiated an impeachment of the President of the United States after he encouraged his supporters to be ‘peaceful’ and ‘patriotic’ while they made their voices heard in DC in the wake of the manipulated 2020 presidential election, while Maxine Waters is calling for a real insurrection. This is what an insurrection looks like.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar and the media won’t tell you that out of close to 50,000,000 police/suspect interactions, and 10,000,000 arrests, the police in the US fatally shot 1021 people last year.

The won’t tell you that the broken down numbers factually show that 983 were male, 38 female, 457 white, 243 black, 170 hispanic and 151 labeled as other or that out of the ‘unarmed’ suspects fatally shot by police 24 were white, 18 black, 8 hispanic and 5 categorized as ‘other’.

More whites were shot and killed than blacks, and out of 10,000,000 arrests, you have a 0.00024% chance of being unarmed and shot by the police. Although every death is tragic, this is not systemic and this is not racist. Why isn’t CNN telling you that? Does Don Lemon or Chris Cuomo want to come over here and argue this with me, or does he want to continue crying on television while he calls for the killing of white families to prove a political point that’s completely false, continue the narrative proven to be a total lie and do anything to hold onto the three basement-dwelling 35-year-old, ANTIFA cowards that still tune in for a couple seconds before their video game system boots up slowly due to the poor internet connection in their parent’s house?

The coronavirus thing is dead, and so is the Capitol riot narrative. broke a story yesterday that destroys the narrative the left has been falsely perpetuating about an officer that was supposedly bludgeoned to death by Trump-supporting patriots wielding fire extinguishers. For weeks the media led the public to believe that Officer Brian Sicknick had died in a violent attack, but the official autopsy report has now been released, which proves this to be a total lie, as Sicknick died of natural causes, not a fire extinguisher to the head.

Speaking of expert medical examiners, we also know that the Hennepin County coroner revealed, almost immediately, that George Floyd’s heart exploded after he ate a lethal amount of fentanyl and meth, but that’s none of my business. Instead, we have to participate in the political assassination of a Minneapolis police veteran as a jury is intimidated into convicting Derek Chauvin, no matter what the facts are, and no matter what evidence suggests that although video shows his tactics to be questionable, the death of George Floyd was not murder at the hands of a racist.

Breonna Taylor’s mother rightly called BLM a complete joke and a fraud, saying that she isn’t even recognized by the group of domestic terrorists, they’ve done nothing to help her financially in the wake of the death of her drug-trafficking daughter and they don’t even know who she is. But, when she posted that on Facebook, Zuckerberg’s ‘fact checkers’ removed it within hours of her pointing out the truth about the Marxist group being used as the muscle for the globalists in our government paid by George Soros and instigated by Maxine Waters to descend upon your cities and bring total chaos, anarchy, destruction and death.

The older I get, the more the movie “Wizard of Oz” applies as these state-run communist media outlets and major broadcast networks continue to cover up the truth, which is that our country is not racist. The United States of America is the greatest nation on the face of the planet, and the only agenda that anyone should be protecting with their blood is the America First agenda. Many brave men and women have proven that this country is worth dying for and I’ll be damned if I will allow the lies to continue to portray their deaths to have been in vein or to tarnish the shine on this republic without working my ass off to reveal it all, as long as I’m living and breathing in America.