Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters on PC Radio

We know the lying and fake news mainstream media, the state controlled communist party funded radical and narcissistic Don Lemons and Chris Cuomos of the world won’t tell you about the shocking reality surrounding the dangers associated with the so-called COVID vaccine, and they’ll ignore, suppress and refuse to report on the deadly side effects being experienced by so many Americans after subjecting themselves to the jab, rolling the dice with an unproven cocktail injection into their bloodstream. Those that say “I did the research before I got the injection” need to realize how wrong they are. You ARE the research.

We’ve talked about some of this with Dr. Jane Ruby, who in just one day revealed a dozen men that experienced blood clots after getting their second shot, and despite the lying troll Dr. Anthony Fauci, the highest paid bureaucrat in our government with a financial stake in the game, telling us that only women that have taken birth control are being effected…that’s a lie.