The crisis at the border reaches far beyond economic disaster, as a humanitarian catastrophe is leading to the unprecedented child and human trafficking this country has never before seen.

While the mainstream media will not report on the surge, and while elected representatives turn their backs to the border for their own political benefit, Alex Jones took a camera crew to south Texas and you won’t believe what he saw.

During this exclusive interview, INFOWARS camera operator Rob Dew said these children were being forced into the back of a vehicle with no seatbelts, and the police acted like it was “no big deal”.

In addition to the safety hazards, Dew said these people were being “selected” and “hand-picked” by restaurant owners, as if to treat the border as a “meat market” after women and children risk it all to come to the United States, many of them sexually abused and impregnated along the way.

Watch the full video here:

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