The questions have still not been answered. The nation is reeling in the seemingly endless circle of questions surrounding the presidential election, or installation, that occurred almost 6 months ago. A supposed president was inaugurated behind electrified razor wire, guarded by 25,000 national guard troops after garnering more votes than any president in American history. More votes than Hillary Clinton, more black votes than Barack Obama and, in the middle of the night, pulled off the world’s sneakiest, but yet most prolific, come-from-behind victory we’ve ever witnessed.

The 2020 election mirrored a championship game where tensions are high and the home team is down going into the final minutes of the game. Fans wait for these kind of rallies, many of us cheer for the underdog. We put our hats on upside down, inside-out and backwards, we participate in ritual chants and get excited for a win that’s against all odds; but in this case, over 80 million knew it was locked up and got left holding the bag. It was “deflate-gate” on steroids. They got caught, the evidence was overwhelming, there’s no denying both individual voter fraud and blatant election interference.

Americans want answers, and no matter your political alignment, no matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, liberal or conservative,  black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, natural citizen or foreign national here legally, we all want a fair election. If Joe Biden won the election fair and square, there should be no hesitation from any political party or caucus to check into the process, validate the ballots, audit the votes and put the nation at ease by providing clear and indisputable evidence that the United States of America is a free Republic that still sends elected representatives to positions of power based on the will of the people.

But that isn’t happening. There is a clear opposition to a transparent process, and a real fight happening with a violent opposition willing to tear the country apart, rather than allowing for audits to happen. Judges recusing themselves, riots in the streets, framing political adversaries, jailing and prosecuting supporters of the opposing candidate and a real cover up by the state-controlled communist fake news media.

Bobby Piton is in the middle of all of it, and his efforts may reveal that Arizona’s process was rigged, that the election was fraudulent and he’s relentlessly pursuing the opportunity to get to that evidence and then expose it to We the People.

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