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EXCLUSIVE! Warrant Issued For Arrest of Journalist, Must Turn Self In By End of Day | PC Radio

Major cities across America are preparing for total chaos and anarchy in the wake of a verdict in the trial of former cop Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis. Citizens in that city and around the country are preparing for homes, businesses and neighborhoods to burn, local corner stores destroyed, looting, rioting and lawlessness is sure to be forgiven and ignored in the name of ‘justice’, while the feds are occupied with fighting real crime as they continue to relentlessly hunt down Trump-supporting grandmas that took selfies at the Capitol during the guided tour and prosecute Conservative journalists that were present on the 6th of January, and despite having been joined by left-leaning media outlets who were inside of the building documenting the peaceful and patriotic activities, those people have not been charged.

Despite Hunter Biden selling the seat of the sitting Vice President, possessing child pornography and smoking parmesan cheese and crack cocaine, Hillary Clinton still runs around free after destroying over 30,000 emails, the Obama Justice Department is free of any investigation into the illegal spying on a U.S. citizen and sitting president, no charges have been filed in any of these cases of alleged high crimes but independent journalists that were merely present at the Capitol on January 6th are being hunted like animals and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Shawn Witzemann has been charged by the FBI, and is being forced to turn himself in by the end of the day, today. Shawn joined Stew Peters on ‘Patriotically Correct’ to give a truthful account of what really happened that day.

With the removal of Conservative crowd funding accounts, nobody can be trusted. For that reason, a legal fund has been set up HERE [1] where you can donate to help Shawn fight against the totalitarian regime.

Visit Freedom Stream TV [2] for more info.