Hitting Americans where it hurts, that’s the goal of the regime. In order to make everyone subservient to the state, it’s necessary for the authoritarians to kick you in the manhood, force you to your knees and look to the almighty government for help. Even in open states, the economic fallout is hurting the people of Florida and Texas. Thinking about the real estate boom we mentioned yesterday, imagine being a renter in the sunshine state. You’ve lived there for your entire adult life, or for many years. You’ve become used to a certain way of living, cost of living, your job and expenses align, but the owner of your rental home, the association at your townhome development, the operating manager of your apartment complex sees an opportunity.

As people flee the communist states of Michigan, Minnesota, California and other democratically-controlled prison encampments, they’re now coming to your state. The demand for a place to live is greatly increasing and that makes your apartment, your townhome, your airBnB, your vacation rental your home worth more money, and these people are able to substantially increase the monthly amount of rent that they can demand for your residence. That’s a problem for you, because now you can’t afford it, and someone else is ready to take your spot. That means you’re on the street and you’ve now become subservient.

In addition to the natural consequences of democratic control and liberal idiocy, we also have the PsyOps and false flags to deal with. The distractions of mass shootings to focus on tearing apart the second amendment, the manufactured racial divide in our country, completely made up and shoved down your throat forcing you to admit you’re a racist, employers are being made to implement new ‘woke’ training for all of their staff, I mean the list goes on and on. Anything to take the attention away from an election that was taken away, the first amendment being demolished, and jailing political opposition is the goal. Total chaos. Total anarchy. Total destruction of cities and neighborhoods that belong to anyone that may have been previously able to stand on their own two feet.

Along with the impact and the fallout from the burning, robbing, looting, assault and threats of violence there needs to be an upside that the weak minded flock can look to as the administration pats itself on the back and looks like the sensitive purveyors of love and humanity, so they need to be really concerned about your health, the welfare of your children, the wellbeing of the elderly and the market needs to rebound. Consumer confidence is really important, and we’ve seen the market continue to climb, stocks are out of control, the cost of goods is rising and the economy seems to be booming. But is this real, or just another false flag?

Is Cancel Culture A Major Problem In America?

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A new report indicates Apple Inc. is expected to report record revenue today for the January-to-March quarter because of surging sales of premium iPhones and pandemic-induced buying of its other products. You can’t go to that meeting, so you need that tablet, MacBook, or other e-meeting capable devices, right? According to the analysis, demand for new, higher-priced 5G iPhones helped fuel a predicted 32% jump in revenue during Apple’s fiscal second quarter. Keyword – predicted. All of this was planned, and we have been sounding the alarm.

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