While the COVID vaccine is being pushed as a frontline defense against the coronavirus, there seems to be little known as to how effective the vaccine really is at preventing individuals from getting sick. No one seems to be able to give a clear answer as to how long the vaccine is effective and whether or not it even provides full protection from contracting the virus itself.

In an interview on MSNBC Dr. Fauci stated that whether or not someone is vaccinated they should not be dining indoors because they could still potentially spread the virus or get a subclinical infection. There also remains uncertainty of how long the vaccine lasts. Fauci says it should last six months or maybe longer but that number is unknown. Fauci continued to push wearing masks in the interview despite the recommendation a year ago when the pandemic first hit that Americans did not need masks.

In the meantime cases have been popping up of fully vaccinated individuals testing positive for COVID 19 weeks after being fully vaccinated which leads to the question of how effective the vaccine is.