Flint, MI. – A United States Post Office mail carrier is recovering after being attacked outside an apartment complex in Flint Thursday afternoon.

A bystander chose to record and livestream the assault, rather than intervene, when two women were attacking the female mail carrier. The video showed one woman briefly attempt to help, but was not able to stop the fight.

Local news FOX 2 reported the carrier was sore and bruised after the incident and was taken to the emergency room.

“I’ve been in this business 29 years and that’s the first I’ve witnessed something like that, an active assault of a postal carrier while on duty, doing her job,” said Flint Police Chief Terence Green. Green said one woman has been arrested and they “have a line” on the second woman.

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The man recording the video said the woman were attacking the mail carrier over stimulus checks, but that is disputed by authorities.

“It’s being investigated as possible road rage that sparked this but that’s still under investigation at this time,” Chief Green said. “But we’re believing it has to involve road rage.”

“Two of our detectives obtained this livestream and immediately with the community’s help, we have to give a lot of credit to the detectives in charge of this investigation, the two suspects seen in that viral video were immediately identified including the vehicle they were traveling in,” Green said.

Flint police said the women will likely face both local and federal charges.