Yesterday, we brought you the news from California that the Recall Gavin Newsom effort had certified 1.6 million signatures, enough to trigger an election in late summer or fall.

Newsom wasted no time, launching a campaign ad immediately targeting the supporters of the recall effort.  This wasn’t the first shot in the campaign, recently California legislators attempted to push a bill that would make all the petition signers information be public.  The attempt failed, and petition signers will not be doxxed as of yet.

The ad Newsom launched describes recall supporters as Q-Anon, anti-vaccine,  “violent white supremacists like the Proud Boys,” and even those who “attacked” the Capitol on January 6th. The ad features pictures of President Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, and Devin Nunes in an attempt to connect the recall effort to high profile Republicans.

This attack ad comes on the same day the announcement was made that California lost a Congressional seat due to the shrinking population of the state, the first time this has happened.  California lost 70,000 residents last year, after leading the nation in growth over the last 170 years.  After a year of strict COVID-19 lockdowns, school closures, small businesses being crushed, and massive increases in crime, maybe Californians have just have enough.