Banners, plumb lines, true north, we’ve heard the admonition to find that one thing to hold onto during the storms of life. While the Gospel is my only true north, I’ve also learned to trust what I see right in front of me.

While a concerted effort is under way to cause you to doubt everything outside of you, I want to draw your attention back to what’s in your mirror.

As I’m traveling the country, one thing becomes clear, the American people are not willing to be rolled by a media, globalist leviathan driven to drown our voices and values. Voters want evidence and accountability.

What if I told you my tour is bringing both. Evidence of what can, has and does happen through digital manipulation of our votes and ultimately our way of life? What if education left your elected servants with no way out of the accountability conversation and provided good actors cover?

Coming to a state near you, we are bringing you evidence, training and resources to restore the election grid and trust. In the meantime, let’s take inventory of what we know to be true, shift our focus from the distractions and dissension, back to the granular of who and what we are. Free.

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